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Daniel Chaderjian: scholar, thespian, inspirational

“I choose Fullerton because it is well-rounded, educational, and memorable.”

Photo by Anthony Rugama.

Photo by Anthony Rugama.

Photo by Anthony Rugama.

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Senior Daniel Chaderjian is involved in the Honors/AP/IB program, tennis, theater productions, and vocal ensemble, as well as a member of National Honors Society, California Scholarship Federation and STEAM Club.

To Chaderjian, education is the foundation of college and career success and reaching his goals.

The various Honors/AP/IB courses that I have taken have not only been effective in teaching the curriculum but have also allowed me to learn the importance of balance and time-management. These higher-level academic courses have been rigorous and have challenged me to work harder, preparing me academically for college and the future.”

In regards to his extracurriculars, Chaderjian found himself in love with the theatre, and through the careful guidance of Theatre Educator Mr. Michael Despars, was able to learn the important lesson of self-confidence.

“Mr. Despars challenged me to overcome my own personal fears of being on stage and taught me how to better connect with various roles and examine the nuances of each character.”

To Chaderjian, a valuable aspect of joining a four-year program are the opportunities for friendships and the way the program shapes students.

“The friends you make through these programs and the experiences of these four year programs are unique and special. They allow you to explore the various sides of your personality and your various interests.”

“These four year programs allow you to hone your skills in various areas and teach you lessons about collaboration and dedication that cannot be taught in a classroom.”

Chaderjian plans to study statistics and economics in hopes to be a quantitative analyst in sports industries.

However, here and now, he knows the unique environment can only be experienced here at FUHS.

“Fullerton allowed me to pursue all of my interests and become a well-rounded individual. At other schools I felt like I would have to choose fewer programs to be involved with, whereas at Fullerton I could be involved in a wide variety of areas and still do well in academics. I could tailor my education at Fullerton to my personal interests, allowing me to grow in many different aspects of my life.”

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