Jessica Buckle

Fullerton has welcomed new history teacher Jessica Buckle to the 2016-2017 school year.

“Fullerton is a really great school. There’s a large history behind this school, which is amazing,” said Buckle, who teaches government and world history. “I’m definitely excited to be part of the Tribe.”

Buckle replaced a substitute two weeks after the year began, bringing with her a passion to the classroom.

“When I was in high school, I hated history. All we ever did was memorize names and dates and forget them right after the test,” Buckle said. “It wasn’t until college that I started to get passionate because it was those stories that made it come alive, made it interesting.”

Her approach to teaching is an interactive one that includes technology, making it more relevant to students. “I’m trying to make this subject come alive. Hopefully they’ll find it as fun and interesting as I do.”

Buckle said teachers were always the people that were there for her, so she wants to do the same. “When they feel like I care, when they feel like there’s trust, they can come to me about things. When there’s trust, there’s respect.” She enjoys supporting students both in and out of the classroom by attending athletic events and competitions.

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