About us

Who We Are

We are the team behind the Tribe Tribune, the student-produced news site of Fullerton Union High School. The newspaper, originally titled The Pleiades, dates back to 1911. As of 2016 we have shifted from print newspapers to an online news website to better embrace the fast-paced media of the 21st century. We believe that changing the name to the Tribe Tribune allows you, our readers, to better access our site.

Mission Statement

The Tribe Tribune strives to inform the student body and faculty of Fullerton Union High School as well as the surrounding community with credible and current information.

Editorial Policy

The Tribe Tribune is written and published by the students of Fullerton Union High School’s Journalism class and is edited by an editorial board that is responsible for all material presented on the website. The opinions found in the Tribe Tribune do not necessarily reflect the position of the entire staff, Fullerton Union High School, or the Fullerton Joint Union High School District.

Comment Policy

The Tribe Tribune does not necessarily agree or endorse any comments posted on an article. We reserve the right to not publish comments, remove, or edit without notice to ensure that the comment system is used for relevant discussion. If impersonation occurs, we will remove the offending comment.