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Are charter schools the answer to public education’s problems?

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May 22, 2019

Many education reformers, including the current Department of Education (DOE) Secretary Betsy DeVos, call for the increased institution of charter schools, claiming charter school expansion as the answer...

Letter to the Alabama State Senate

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May 21, 2019

To the Alabama State Senate:   The Alabama Human Life Protection Act which passed Wednesday in your state Senate has not instilled the reassurance that you assumed would ensue with its passing;...

Why you should read more often

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February 28, 2019

Reading acts as an opportunity to improve oneself, in ways others might never achieve without actual life experience. By reading, you’re gathering more knowledge. Take pride in that knowledge and...

The benefits of dual enrollment

The benefits of dual enrollment
February 21, 2019

Dual enrollment participants, otherwise known as ‘special admit students’ enroll in college courses while attending high school. Although some students have different motivations for taking these after-school...

Why you should donate blood

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February 15, 2019

Blood donations act as a key factor in saving lives, one person signing up to donate blood can save up to three people. The blood donated may be used in various ways: to increase a person’s survival...

The importance of voting

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November 2, 2018

One of an American citizen’s most important civic duties is to vote. The midterm elections on Tue. Nov. 6 will heavily influence whether Democrats will gain power in Congress or if Republicans will remain.....

The big problem with the ID system

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October 29, 2018

At the beginning of the school year, administration announced that they would be enforcing the ID policy at FUHS. They claimed that if students could remember to bring phones and backpacks, they should...

The importance of ASB

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October 29, 2018

Our campus is always decorated with posters full of color and reliable information. However, most students don’t realize that ASB is a lot more than just posters. Junior Presli Dillon has been in...

Why more girls should consider a women’s college

Emma Zener, sophomore basketball player at Smith College. Photo courtesy of Emma Zener.
October 25, 2018

Meryl Streep, 21-time Academy Award nominee. Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State. Helen Keller, the first deafblind person to graduate from college. Emily Dickinson, America’s best-known...

Importance of IDs on Campus

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October 19, 2018

The ID system at FUHS has been established to distinguish potential threats and trespassers and allow students to borrow books from the school’s library and make purchases in the activities office. Contrastingly,...

Long live long lunch

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October 4, 2018

When the Class of 2019 graduates this year, they will not only be graduating but taking the last memories of long lunch with them. For those unaware long lunch, it was an hour long lunch every Friday...

Homework: Are there real benefits?

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October 3, 2018

After a long school day, the only thing I want to do is go home and sit on the couch. But I, and many other students, don’t have that option. After sports, speech practice, or hours of rehearsals for...

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