Sophomore Donny Cannady practices for his performance of “So Big/So Small.”

Students to perform live stream Broadway revue

Jameson Oates, News Editor March 17, 2021

“When I was a kid, my mom was a drug addict.” It’s startling truths like this one from sophomore Donny Cannady that shape students’ lives. And it’s challenges like drug addiction or depression...

Students and staff discuss the importance of arts programs with state assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva on March 12.

Everyone should promote the arts

Lamya Saade, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

“The arts teach us to be human.” “The arts allow us to feel seen and feel heard.” These profound and deeply felt sentiments are from FUHS arts students. In other words, playing music, acting,...

Fueled by the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will premiere exclusively on HBO Max this Friday (March 19). Photo courtesy of

Spring break watchlist: Great streaming choices

Nathan Smith, Entertainment Editor March 16, 2021

Dude, it’s been a full year. I am sooooo over it. It’s been an entire year since the school closed down. And it feels like no time has passed at all, except when it’s Tuesday and I’m waiting for...

Matsumoto took a photo of an origami swan which also represents Japanese culture. 
Photo courtesy of Ally Matsumoto.

Students convey personal messages through photos

Lynda Sambrano, Feature Editor February 24, 2021

They’re not just taking pictures in photo class. They’re creating art. They’re thinking art. Advanced students chose about six images for their Sustained Investigation projects while AP students...

The original cover art for “The Narwhal, the Mermaid, and the Unicorn” from second-grader Mirielle.

Thespians bring mermaids, dragons, bunnies to life

Jameson Oates, News Editor December 16, 2020

Mermaids. Warrior princesses. Bunny sidekicks. Deep sea unicorns. Slaying dragons with rap lyrics. Creativity knows no limits when elementary students team up with high schoolers to produce and dramatize...

Senior Samantha Dennis, junior Lamya Saade, and sophomore Marco LaRosa rehearse phonograms outdoors under the new Covid-safe practice guidelines while Amelia Thompson accompanies them on piano. Photo Arashk Alivandi.

Long editing hours pay off for choir concert

Lamya Saade, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

It took choral director Stacey Kikkawa 8-12 hours to edit each of the three two-minute Fon-E-Gram videos that were sent out Dec. 12 as a choir fundraiser and promotion for the upcoming Winter Showcase. At...

Sophomore Leeyah Gray, junior Rachel Vinson, freshman Rhyan Stevens, and junior Rosa Balderas rehearse their dance ‘’Healing’’ choreographed by junior Cherish Angus. The music is by Sabrina Cladio. Photo by Arashk Alivandi.

Dancers choreograph own show for Friday’s concert

Katherine Martinez , Social Media Manager November 19, 2020

The FUHS Advanced Dance and Dance Production will host its Livestream Fall Dance Concert Nov. 20 and Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets are "pay what you can" but suggested donations are $5 for students and $12...

Sophomore Mandi Austin (Advanced Photography) used a Canon Rebel T6 DSLR to take her photo “Forgotten.

FUHS celebrates Dia de los Muertos with art, photos

Lynda Sambrano and Brenda San Elias November 19, 2020

Junior AP Photography student Elyse Gonzales missed using the professional cameras and the FUHS mini-studio, but that didn’t stop her or her classmates from creating thought-provoking and emotional...

Over the Garden Wall first aired in 2014, and currently holds a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Photo courtesy of

Great picks for small screens

Nathan Smith, Entertainment Editor October 15, 2020

It’s October. There’s nothing new. I’m pretty sure I’ve finished Netflix. Theaters might be “open," but until the pandemic is over, maybe it's best we embrace home entertainment.  Yeah, there’s...

Music teacher Troy Trimble teaches five different classes using 3 different screens during Distance Learning. Photo courtesy of Troy Trimble.

Trimble misses students making music together

Jameson Oates, News Editor October 14, 2020

What does a tuba and a lawsuit have in common? Answer: Everyone is relieved when the case is closed. As a tuba player for the marching band, I’ve heard plenty of cheesy jokes. True, the tuba is...

Bethany took art all four years at Fullerton High School. Starting with drawing and painting freshman year and finishing with AP Art 2 her senior year. Photo provided by Bethany Tapia.

Tapia brings joy to others through art

Jayme Kim, Feature Editor May 21, 2020

Two students stand in the front of the room presenting their oral presentations for IB English class. While the rest of the class takes notes, senior Bethany Tapia also leaves little drawings of each student...

Caysen capturing a mule carrying supplies in the village of Tannaout , Morocco, captured on a Nikon DF. Photo courtesy of Caysen Maus.

Maus views world through an insightful lens

Gillian Hodgden, Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2020

Caysen Maus may be someone who, at first glance, is a bit quiet. But take another glance at his photography and the depths of his personality shine through. Caysen grew up with a camera always...

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