Seniors Alexandra Williams, Nathan Smith, and Arashk Alivandi (left to right) earned a cord for journalism at Senior Awards Night on May 13. Photo by Frances Walton.

Editor says goodbye to Tribe Tribune

Alexandra Williams, Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2021

Hello Class of 2021, It’s the last day of my senior year and I feel overwhelmed and confused. When, exactly, am I supposed to turn in my chromebook? Did I return that English book yet? Am I allowed...

These student desks are too close together. If you’re not staying 3 feet apart then you should be staying more than 3 feet apart.

Just like stop signs, COVID rules save lives

Alejandra Rodriguez, Managing Editor April 23, 2021

It’s been less than a week since Cohorts A and B were combined into a lone Mega-cohort that sees students attend school in person four days a week instead of two, but—and I hate to get emotional about...

Junior Tabatha LeeKeenan interviews a student for the latest ASB podcast episode of “Tribe Talks.” Photo courtesy of Tabatha LeeKeenan.

Hits & Misses of March 2021

Tribe Tribune Staff March 17, 2021

😍Hit Thank you ASB, especially host Tabitha LeeKeenan, for reaching out to students with a new weekly podcast called “Tribe Talks.” It’s a great way to hear from students and stay connected...

Elany Zavala (center with 3D glasses) watched the 2011 Justin Bieber movie with her two sisters and cousin.

Freshman says attack on her music is attack on her

Elany Zavala , Staff Writer March 17, 2021

We shouldn’t be bullied out of liking the things we like. When I was 5, I had a Justin Bieber-themed birthday party. When I was 8, I went to a One Direction concert with my older sister. Last year...

People need to fight against the stigma of mental illness and seek the help they need. Illustration by Brenda San Elias.

Let’s talk about mental health, for real

Lamya Saade, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people ages 10-24 ( 1 in 5 young people suffer from a mental illness ( The numbers are startling, but how...

History teacher Katy Wren.

Teachers hope truth, compromise make a comeback

Tribe Tribune Staff February 26, 2021

Two impeachments, a Capitol Building breach, and a whole lot of inflammatory Tweets have made the last four years feel like an entire decade of division. The Tribe Tribune staff conducted interviews via...

In Which You Hear About is available to stream on Spotify and Anchor. Photo courtesy of Alejandra Rodriguez.

Lockdown fulfills long standing podcast dream

Alejandra Rodriguez, Managing Editor December 16, 2020

I’m no exception to the creativity lockdown has unleashed. I started a podcast. More specifically, Aleah Perez and I started a podcast. COVID shutting down the school allowed us the time to turn...

UNO is a popular classic card game, but these are BTS themed which are perfect to gift to a BTS or k-pop fan. Photo Courtesy of Amazon.

A guide to gift-giving this year

Brenda San Elias , Art Editor December 16, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner meaning it is time to find the perfect gift for those around you. BTS UNO cards would be a perfect budget gift for a k-pop fan, but it won’t be for everyone. That...

The FUHS Indian mascot has a long history of racial stereotyping. Photo by Arashk Alivandi.

FUHS must reopen discussions about Indian mascot

Alexandra Williams, Editor-in-Chief November 19, 2020

Dan Snyder, owner of Washington’s NFL team, said for 20 years that he would never change the name of the “Washington Redskins.” Snyder argued that changing the name would be an insult to his own...

Nathan Smith rocking his Mandalorian costume. Photo courtesy of Nathan Smith.

Tribe Tribune Staff Says Thanks

November 19, 2020

This has been quite the year. It's so crazy to think that we're in November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As we reflect on the year so far, the Tribe Tribune staff shares what they’re thankful...

Page and granddaughter photo courtesy of Jean Page.

Teachers Say Thanks

November 19, 2020

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, the Tribe Tribune asked teachers, "What are you most thankful for this year?" This year I am especially thankful for the health of my family and friends...

Let’s make Hybrid check-in awesome

Let’s make Hybrid check-in awesome

Alejandra Rodriguez, Managing Editor October 15, 2020

The school board voted last week to transition from Distance Learning to a Hybrid Model beginning Nov. 2. About 500 students will be coming to school on Mondays and Thursdays. A different 500 will attend...

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