Tribe Tribune reporter Elany Zavala poses with her dad Beto Millan in front of his lowrider, a 1949 Chevy pickup truck.

Being Mexican isn’t a crime, and neither is lowriding

Katherine Martinez, Managing Editor March 13, 2023

Note from the editor: These heartfelt stories by reporters Elany Zavala and Madison Dominguez should be able to stand alone. Yet, I realized that not enough people have the context or education to understand...

The two-week summer health class is not enough to combat the growing number of issues facing teens.

Health class: Clicking is not enough

Tribe Tribune Staff February 7, 2023

1 in 7 high school students regularly vape, according to government data. That’s about five vapers in every FUHS classroom. About 7% of students regularly abuse opioids, ranging from OxyContin to...

Grover visits Israel with a young Jewish boy.

Educating youths can reduce antisemitism

Sophia Galvan, Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2022

“I did not now that dreidel are gambling.” “I diden't know that there are diffrent types of jewish.” “I did not know they did not eat cheeseburgers like what????” “I like the alphabet...

Seniors deserve new sweatshirts

Seniors deserve new sweatshirts

Tribe Tribune Staff October 11, 2022

Seniors can order yearbooks, dance tickets and senior swag during registration. It’s a lot of cash, but ASB bundles items so there’s a discount, and many seniors figure, “Hey, it’s senior year....

ASB did a good job with homecoming.

Thanks, ASB, for a successful homecoming

Ella Kirby and Kate Luengo October 11, 2022

The Fullerton ASB members should be commended for hosting a successful Night at the Disco homecoming dance. Students worked vigorously during spirit week, arriving during Zero Period to decorate the...

Sophomore Audrey Bae debated whether or not a free press should prioritize objectivity over advocacy at the CHSSA tournament on May 1. Bae captured the first place championship for her debate.

Demanding Respect is Not Up for Debate

Audrey Bae, Guest Columnist May 24, 2022

Sophomore worries about misogynistic debate culture “Ugly a–– pink hair.” “Why is she being so f–ing emotional?” “What a b–tch.”  While these comments look like they’re...

Hannah Ramos briefs customers on how to fly the simulation before leading them to the cockpits.

Want a job? Don’t ditch class

Leo Barragan, Reporter May 23, 2022

I’m a graduating senior, and I have really important advice for the underclassmen: don’t skip school. Now, I’m not going to argue that you have to show up for school to get a great educational...

Tribe Tribune editor-in-chief Alejandra Rodriguez was a sophomore when she participated in her first Orange County Journalism Education Association competition at Fullerton College. (From left to right) Alejandra Rodriguez co-editor-in-chief Class of 2022; Ali Williams editor-in-chief Class of 2021; Jamie Ma co-editor-in-chief Class of 2020; Gillian Hodgden co-editor-in-chief Class of 2020.

Editor-in-chief says goodbye, thank you

Alejandra Rodriguez, Editor-in-chief May 22, 2022

Sophomore Kitty Martinez broke her arm last week. She had to miss school when the Tribe Tribune staff was in a rush to finish our Class of 2022 features. Instead of canceling her interview with senior...

School officials want a friendly environment for LGBTQ+ students, but changing campus culture is still a work in progress.

Work in Progress

Alia Noll and Sophia Galvan April 22, 2022

ASB posted pink paper hearts for all 2,000 students and staff at Fullerton High School to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet tradition ASB has celebrated for several years, and the hardworking...

Sophomore Reagan Glidewell lost her mom Kelley (left) to cancer three years ago. Senior Macayla Short lost her mom Jennifer (right) to a drug overdose five months ago.

Tribe Tribune writers struggle with moms’ deaths

March 17, 2022

Senior Cooper Davenport’s mother died from COVID this year. Senior Nick Arnold lost his brother to suicide. The Tribe Tribune staff reached out to both young men to see how they were doing. Cooper said...

School will start later and end later next year. Athletic directorJoseph Olivas says the school will investigate implementing more lights on sports fields to accommodate for later practices.

Teachers should vote yes on bell schedule

Ami Ishikawa and Kara Kim February 18, 2022

When Tribe Tribune news editor Alyson Jeong saw the proposal for next year’s bell schedule, she was a bit alarmed. “Why are they doing this to us?” Alyson asked. “This is so confusing.” She...

Drum Major Max Bricky prepares to conduct Marching Bands 2021 field show.

Bored with school? Electives could help

Jameson Oates, Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2022

Editor’s note: As editor of the Tribe Tribune, I’ve talked to multiple underclassmen who haven’t found their place on campus yet and find school to be a boring and uninspiring place. Without being...

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