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Battle of the Brands

Meet the Testers

(Left) Senior Rhyan Stevens, along with everyday makeup, enjoys cosplaying. (Photo by Rhyan Stevens). (Top Right) Senior Katherine Hudson is skilled in special effects makeup, which she learned in the BEAST program. (Photo by Katherine Hudson). (Photo by Katherine Hudson). (Bottom Right) Sophomore Tatiana Brown discovered makeup during the pandemic. (Photo by Audrina Quinonez).

Editor’s note: Originally, Tribe Tribune reporters Audrina Quinonez and Maggie Schulze planned to write a story about the recent TikTok-driven cosmetics-frenzy among tween girls. But talking to Sephora addicts was a little scary, so they decided to reach out to high school cosmetic experts.

We decided to classify the makeup in two categories: high-end pricey and drugstore cheap. High-end generally consists of fancy packaging and beauty influencer endorsement. These are the products that sit on Sephora displays and beckon the attention of 12-year-old shoppers. Drugstore makeup, on the other hand, promises all-day wear and longevity, attracting a cult-following and selling at pharmacies like CVS. 

Debate surrounds these two types of products with die-hard adherents from both sides arguing in support of their favorites. If you find yourself wondering whether you should splurge on your next trip to the mall, or if you’re simply in the market for a new blush, we’ve got you covered. 

The Tribe Tribune recruited three students, each with a different background in makeup, to sample from the products we selected. Senior Rhyan Stevens is a makeup enthusiast and cosplayer, sophomore Tatiana Brown who developed a passion for makeup during the pandemic, and senior Katherine Hudson has learned special effects makeup while in the BEAST program. Without disclosing any details about the products they would be testing, we asked them to try a swab of the products on the back of their hand and give their opinions. 

Below are their findings:

Experiment #1: Moisturizer 

Tribe Tribune: We recommend Bliss. The Tatcha (Product A) is three times the price of Bliss (Product B).
Senior Katherine Hudson tests moisturizer on her hand. (Photo by Audrina Quinonez).

Experiment #2: Liquid Blush

Tribe Tribune: We recommend SHEGLAM (Product D) because it is not only the cheaper option, but it has more pigment.
Sophomore Tatiana Brown tries a sample of liquid blush. (Photo by Audrina Quinonez).

Experiment #3: Contour Stick 

Tribe Tribune: We recommend The Fenty Beauty contour stick (Product E) because it blends seamlessly.

Experiment #4: Liquid Highlight 

Tribe Tribune: We recommend the Rare Beauty highlighter (Product G) due to its better formula.

Experiment #5: Lip Oil

Tribe Tribune: We recommend the Summer Fridays Lip oil (Product I) for its hydrating ingredients.

Experiment #6: Lipstick and Lipliner Duos

Tribe Tribune: We recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Duo Set (Product K) because of its natural color and lightweight feel.
Senior Rhyan Stevens samples a swab of lipstick. (Photo by Audrina Quinonez).

The Final Verdict 

After gathering the responses of our experiment, we saw a trend tending to favor high-end products. With that said, drugstore products should not be shunned. If there was one thing our experts made clear, it was that makeup is a matter of personal taste and varies depending on the individual. 

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