Amelie Heying created this board for her John Oliver speech her junior year.

Heying uses voice to represent the voiceless

Ella Kirby, Sports Editor May 31, 2023

Amelie Heying finishes her high school career with more A+ marks on her transcript than any other grade. She doesn’t have a 5.0 average, though, despite also being among the best writers, speakers, and...

Senior Cole Thompson began learning aerial silk performance at age 14. In this photo, they performed in a showcase to Goldfrapp’s “Lovely Head.” “I love silks because it’s death defying,” Thompson said. “It looks dangerous and impossible, and that’s beautiful to me.”

Cole Thompson to attend London fashion school

Sophia Galvan, Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2023

Senior Cole Thompson has performed since they were 8, starring in Beechwood School productions as the Tin-Man in The Wiz and Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. Yet, they knew that going into high school,...

(Left to right) Lt. Col. Mike Albertson traveled to Washington D.C. with Sebastian Alcaraz, Hannah Ramos, Julia Bustamante and Nolan Haberland for the Army JROTC Leadership Bowl Championship in 2021.

JROTC seniors display leadership

Mackenzie Mauldin, Feature Editor May 26, 2023

Julia Bustamante, Battalion Commander Senior Julia Bustamante has always been a leader. Her guidance started at home with her three younger siblings: Andres, Pamela, and Nicolas. “I've been like...

Henderson retires after 37 years at FUHS

Henderson retires after 37 years at FUHS

Katherine Martinez, Managing Editor May 25, 2023

In our era of politicization and polarization, everybody–especially teachers–must tread cautiously. History teacher and International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator Mark Henderson— who, after...

Evelyn Sepúlveda, estudiante de último año (fila de atrás, primera niña al derecho) atendió la E  scuela Primaria Juan Francisco Javier en Sonora, México. 
Senior Evelyn Sepulveda (back row, far right) attended Juan Francisco Javier Elementary School in Sonora, Mexico.

Inmigrante Mexicana tiene dificultades con el Inglés, nunca se rinde

Alex Miranda and Saray Santiago May 25, 2023

  Nota del editor: los reporteros de Tribe Tribune Alex Miranda y Saray Santiago entrevistaron a Evelyn Sepúlveda en español. Las citas de Evelyn han sido traducidas del español al inglés....

Warhammer club adviser Tarin Almstedt uses Nuln Oil paint to shade his Nob on Smasha Squig at his home painting studio. In the foreground is built but unpainted scenery for use in games of 40K.


Will Bitting, Opinion Editor April 18, 2023

When Speech and Debate teacher Tarin Almstedt returned home from the war in Iraq in the early 2000s, he struggled to adapt to life at home. After his time as a Marine, painting Warhammer 40,000...

Officer Gene Valencia, Sunny Hills High School SRO, explains the dangers of fentanyl at a parent workshop in October.

Caring adults are key to drug-free teens

Mackenzie Mauldin, Feature Editor March 17, 2023

What happens to a student caught using drugs at school? Let’s say “Bobby,” a junior, gets caught smoking weed at Fullerton Union High School. What happens? According to assistant principal Leticia...

Patt Ochoa talked to Tribe Tribune reporters about how students must learn to address their problems at home if they want a chance at overcoming drug addiction. Ochoa is the program director for Liberty House Recovery, a comprehensive drug/alcohol medical detox rehabilitation facility in Redlands.

Former addict tells his story to save lives

Will Bitting, Opinion Editor March 6, 2023

Drug rehabilitation specialist Patt Ochoa educates teens about the dangers of counterfeit drugs, especially knock-off Xanax bars that are often cut with fentanyl, a cheap synthetic opioid that is 100 times...

Jeff Oliva attended Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley about 50 miles east of Fullerton. He was introduced to chewing tobacco in high school.

Oliva says beating nicotine addiction is worth it

Jonathan Piña-Villanueva, Feature Editor February 6, 2023

Jeff Oliva has been asked some tough questions in his career. As a computer science and chemistry teacher, Oliva often explains complicated material. But when a student asked, “What’s the hardest thing...

Downtown Fullerton offers great places for a study break, gift buying or quick meals.

Take a Break

Kate Luengo, Reporter December 21, 2022

The holiday season can be stressful. With final exams so close to Christmas, it can feel impossible to find time to pause and enjoy the festivities. I took a couple of hours last week to walk around Harbor...

Frank Ramirez has been a campus supervisor at FUHS for 5 years.

Frank says goodbye to FUHS

Reagan Glidewell, Elany Zavala, and Madison Dominguez December 20, 2022

“Gangs getting out of control, helicopter cops flying over my parent's house every day, constant drive-by shootings,” said campus supervisor Frank Ramirez, who grew up in Santa Ana. “The 80s and...

A seance to contact the spirit of a doll, Eliza Rose, is a tradition at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center’s horror night events. During this seance, the North Orange Paranormal Society was able to have a spirit ring a bell and write the name of an audience members late father.

There’s something here in Fullerton

November 13, 2022

Sophomore reporter Osvaldo Muñoz has been investigating paranormal activity in Fullerton for over a month. A lover of the supernatural, Muñoz has searched for answers to questions about his own experiences....

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