When Jodi Flynn isn’t working with students, she enjoys traveling with her husband to places such as Yellowstone, Europe, Iceland, Canada, Bora Bora and Costa Rica. She had to postpone a trip to Africa due to COVID traveling restrictions. Photo by Alexandra Williams.

Flynn earns Employee of the Year award

Lynda Sambrano, Feature Editor March 16, 2021

Special education resource teacher and case carrier Jodi Flynn received the Certificated Employee of the Year award last month. Teachers and staff nominate and vote each year for whom they think is most...

Lead custodian Jimmy Crouch was selected the 2021 Classified Employee of the Year. Photo by Katherine Martinez.

Employee of the Year: Crouch praises custodial crew

Clerene Palean, Staff Writer March 16, 2021

Jimmy Crouch personifies the “Indian For Life” motto. As an FUHS student, coach and lead custodian, Crouch has made the Fullerton campus a better place. For his dedication and hard work, Couch has...

A crushing heartbreak for the theater department was the March 13 cancelation of Matilda. Junior Nate Baesel is on the floor while (from left) Madeline Lange, Haley Cronin, Ryder Tucker, and Allie Jeha play their roles as bullying school children. Ryder said that locking down right before opening night was hard for freshmen who were just gaining momentum in theater arts. Photo courtesy of Ryder Tucker.

‘Theater kid’ misses life before COVID

Lamya Saade and Jameson Oates March 2, 2021

Next week is the one-year anniversary. It’s been one year since all events became labeled “Before COVID” or “Since COVID.” Before COVID we connected with our teachers. Before COVID we laughed...

Social science teacher Samantha Meggison talks about the benefits of laughing in a Brain Break video.

Doctor says don’t tell troubled teens ‘just get over it’

Jameson Oates, News Editor March 2, 2021

According to pediatrician Mercie DiGangi, isolation under COVID lockdowns has taken its toll on the psychological health of students. She especially sympathizes with students who haven’t been able to...

Not having enough work space can worsen mental health. Some students don’t leave their bunk bed for the entire school day. Photo illustration by Alejandra Rodriguez.

Vice principal sees students suffering, offers help

Clerene Palean, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

“I knock. The door opens and I see bunk beds right in the living room, you know, and cardboard pieces are temporary walls to kind of divide up the room,” said assistant principal Steve Garcia, who...

In this family photo from last year his son Neal was 4 and son Dane was 1. He married his wife Allison in 2013. Photo courtesy of Tarin Almstedt.

New speech teacher feels right at home

Desi Garcia, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

He was born at St. Jude. He graduated from Sunny Hills. He’s always lived in Fullerton. So, it’s not surprising that the new FUHS speech and debate teacher Tarin Almstedt is happy to call...

Senior Nathan Smith puts up Christmas lights wearing his foam Mandalorian armor. Photo courtesy of Lisa Smith.

Senior builds Star Wars-inspired foam armor

Nathan Smith, Entertainment Editor December 16, 2020

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I’m freakishly obsessed with The Mandalorian. It’s part of my Star Wars nerd-ism. To any hardcore Star Wars fan, it’s always a dream to dress up in the...

The second try wasn’t a flop and it didn’t melt which is a definite success for me.

Dream or Disaster in the Kitchen?

Lynda Sambrano, Feature Editor December 16, 2020

Christmas time is here and yes, I do enjoy eating some Christmas treats during the holiday season but I have a secret. Well, two secrets: I don’t like Christmas that much and I’m not the best cook. Why...

Astor Redhead coaches speech students through zoom photo courtesy of Astor Redhead.

Debate captain helps new students

Desi Garcia , Staff Writer November 19, 2020

Senior debate captain Astor Redhead admits he wasn’t the best debater his first three years of high school. Although he competed almost every other weekend last year, piling about 140 rounds at tournaments,...

Senior Karina Hunt hopes to earn a Master’s of Fine Arts in Theater and work towards earning a theater teaching credential. Photo courtesy of Karina Hunt.

Fewer seniors apply to 4-year schools

Clerene Palean, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

Tribe Tribune editor Alexandra Williams has been on staff since freshman year. For three years she watched senior editors discuss their stressful college application process in the newsroom. But this...

Silverstream (left) and Bluestar (right) snack on Cheerios. Psychology teacher Nicole Smith says her family has enjoyed their new pets “Silver” and “Blue.” Photo courtesy of Nicole Smith.

Teacher juggles parenting and new pets

Kobin Hamilton, Opinion Editor October 15, 2020

Evelyn Smith, age 8, has taken advantage of her time home during the pandemic. She’s done a lot of reading and even adopted two pets. The third grader is up to book No. 26 in the Warrior Cats series,...

Counselor Erin Defries enjoys helping students and can be reached through email or google voice. Photo courtesy of Erin Defries.

FUHS counselors expand outreach

Alexandra Williams, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2020

Counselor Erin Defries is more concerned when her phone doesn’t ring. She knows that students are struggling, but it’s difficult for her to help when they don’t reach out. Despite not being able...

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