Importance of IDs on Campus


Tyler Huor

Photo Cred: Tyler Huor

The ID system at FUHS has been established to distinguish potential threats and trespassers and allow students to borrow books from the school’s library and make purchases in the activities office.

Contrastingly, many students and faculty view the ID system as effective.

“I think IDs are very important,” English teacher Mr. Leonardo Indelicato said. “Any profession that you’re in will require you to wear some kind of ID to identify you as a member of that company.”

Freshman Faith Aboytes believes that the ID system has a purpose that should be respected.

“I know the staff is really strict about it, but I think it’s for a reason,” Aboytes said. “With everything that’s going on, I think it’s important for us to all be safe rather than sorry.”

Chemistry and Oceanography teacher Ms. Olivia Pipala believes the system is essential for campus safety.

“IDs are able to determine the difference between who should be on campus and who should not be on campus,” Pipala said. “We want to make sure that we can differentiate who’s supposed to be on campus and who isn’t.”

Some wonder whether the school has changed because of the ID system.

“To be honest, the school hasn’t changed that much, I think it’s a different habit that we have to develop,” history teacher Ms. Angelica Garcia said. “But the overall ambiance of the school and what we’re doing hasn’t changed.”  

Garcia sees the ID system as another habit that needs to be worked on.

“At the end of the day it’s a new habit,” Garcia said. “Maybe it’s annoying or a little cumbersome, but it’s with the best intentions.”

Safety Resource Officer Brandon Ramek informs us that the enforcers of the ID system will continue to do their job.

“We can continue to enforce it, kind of like the law,” Ramek said. “We’re going to continue to enforce it as best as we can.”   

But, some don’t believe that the system isn’t as effective as it should be.

“I don’t think IDs are necessary for the school,” junior Saray Bautista said. “I know it’s for our safety, but in a case of an emergency, teachers don’t have time to check IDs.”

The system’s purpose is to maintain safety and help identify students. Some students and staff believe that it is very crucial to maintaining safety and keeping the campus safe, while others think the ID system has a long way to go.

Tragedies can’t always be prevented, but the ID system can be used to help keep FUHS students and staff safe.