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Allison Mendrella

“I love listening to music. My parents have always listened to a bunch of different kinds of music but rock is kind of something that was a staple in our house so I kinda just grew up listening to it. With my love of rock, it is kind of hard to find people who have a love of rock. I don’t know why, but I have and it’s cool when you meet someone new. I play volleyball too. I started really young, like 5th grade. my mom wanted me to play sports, I don’t like running and volleyball did was a lot more fun and I just liked it better so I just played that instead. But i went to a private school so we had sports in our elementary school and we played other private schools so I played there because my mom wanted me to play a sport. And then I ended up really DIGGING it. i think I knew I would continue it in high school, I just really loved playing, I thought it was going to be something that I would do for a really long time and I never thought I’d do it as long as i have.” – Allison Mendrella


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