Perez playing the trumpet outside of the Plummer auditorium. Photo by: Austin Budnik

Artist of the Month: Natalia Perez

A pie that Perez baked. Photo by: Natalia Perez

Junior Natalia Perez plays the piano, violin, trumpet, and on top of all that, she cooks. Perez has been involved in the culinary and instrumental music program since freshman year, and has utilized her talents and hard work to excel in these programs.

Seven years ago, Perez began learning the violin. A year later, she took up private piano lessons, expanding her knowledge of music.

“[Music] is something fun, it relaxes you,” Perez said.

In the sixth grade, she began learning trumpet. As time passed, her passion increased.

“I joined more bands in junior high, and by high school I had all the skills,” Perez said.

Perez’s Monster’s Inc. themed gingerbread house for her culinary class. Photo by: Natalia Perez

This past marching band season, Perez was named Field Captain.

“[The position] has helped me become a better person in the way I have to track the newcomers, being nice to them and friendly,” Perez said.

Now, she is in Restaurant 1 and is learning how to cook.

“I think I was 11 when I started baking. My first thing was a box of cake pops that turned out kind of bad. But it happens to everyone,” Perez said.  “In culinary, you have to have good communication skills, you have to work quickly,” Perez continued, “Time efficiency is what I learned most.”

She hasn’t mapped out her future but is sure she will continue in culinary as well. “I’m not sure where to go for college, but it’s either a culinary institution or psychology,” Perez said. 

Perez(center) smiling during marching band. Photo by: Eugenia Perez

“My cousins see me as a role model because I’m in so many programs,” Perez said. “Since I love music and baking, they’re inspired. So I try to teach them. I want to teach kids how to play instruments.”

Perez loves the foods program because you have more of a chance to make a difference.

“If you know how to cook, you can cook for others that are in need of help,” Perez said. “Say I want to open a restaurant. I can open something for the homeless, and go on in helping others.”

Perez playing the violin. Photo by: Eugenia Perez

“As you grow in the program, you grow as a person. The
knowledge you get in the activities you do give you life skills. That experience helps you.”

Perez playing the piano. Photo by: Eugenia Perez

Perez’s future is prospectively bright, and her goal in life is to serving the people around her through art.

“Make a difference in this world. Help people see things. ‘Oh, that person stood up for those people. Maybe I should do the same.’ Inspire others,” Perez said, addressing her peers.

The last piece of advice that Perez has is not to worry about being different.

“Be unique in your program. You stand out, people will notice you,” Perez said. ”After that, do what you want to do. Act upon it to help others. Then they will see that they can do it as well.”

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