Phu Huynh

Phu Huynh

Phu Huynh is everyone’s favorite hype-man; one can always count on him to put a smile on their face.

In order to win Mr. Fullerton, he feels that the guys must be leaders and set an example for lower classmen, which embodies being a gentleman.

Phu feels it is the little things that count, like holding the door open for the people behind him or helping the elderly carry their things.

Fullerton holds a big place in Phu’s heartthe diversity and honor at this school makes it a very enjoyable environment to be in.

Phu has been involved in sports throughout all his four years here. Whether it be  playing soccer or tennis, he always puts 110% into what he is doing.

One of Phu’s biggest inspirations in life is Leon Messi, a professional soccer player. Soccer has played a very big role in his life. It’s not just a sport to him; it’s his passion.

Messi has motivated and inspired Phu, making him believe he could do anything that he set his mind to

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