Philip Fisher

“I would have to say, in all truthfulness, the biggest fear I can think of is walking by myself in Las Vegas. It’s just loud, noisy and everything smells like vomit. I always feel extremely uncomfortable when I have to walk around there, which I have to do quite often. Almost every year we take a road trip out there to visit our family in the Midwest, so we pass through Vegas. The last time I went there was two years ago. It’s Las Vegas so there’s a lot of drunk people who aren’t exactly the best decision makers, so I have never walked by myself.  

A bigger general fear is just getting lost in a hole. Because I’m getting to that age where I’m going to start driving, I’m scared that I’ll get lost somewhere and I won’t be able to find my way back in an unfamiliar place. I used to like to wander a lot whenever we would go out and about, so I like to wander away. But when I realize that I can’t see my parents anymore or I don’t know where I am, I get scared. I think that has affected me up until now.

My fear is a physical one. I don’t fear getting lost in the mind. I think its just being in an unfamiliar place.”

-Philip Fisher

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