Taylor Garcia

Taylor Garcia is not just any other student at FUHS, but a varsity water polo player who is able to manage his time between school and sports.

“School was definitely challenging as I pushed myself throughout high school but I realized after sophomore year that it was good to have fun also,” Garcia said.

Water polo isn’t just a sport that Garcia enjoys playing, but a sport where he met some of his closest friends.

“My teammates were some of my closest friends and I’m really glad I met them. They are the reason I enjoyed going to Fullerton because I have such a good bond with them,” Garcia said.

Our childhoods are the time where we learn the most, and one thing that Garcia has learned and applied to his water polo career is to never give up.

“I wanted to quit and give up on some things, but my dad pushed me to not quit and to not give up and I’m glad I didn’t because without that I probably wouldn’t be doing any of the things that I am doing today,” Garcia said.

Garcia plans to play water polo and major in biology at California Lutheran University. After college, he would like to pursue a job that benefits the community, such as a firefighter or a nurse.

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