Audry Jeong

Audry Jeong maintains an optimistic outlook on life while balancing high school with volunteering, studying, and maturing as a full IB student. Jeong actively participates in NHS and CSF, Key Club, Culture Club, and her church’s YNC’s youth community leadership group.


Jeong accredits her grandmother as a heavy influence for providing guidance as a positive role model throughout her life.

“[My grandma] definitely shaped who I am now because she’s such strong character in my life. She has never given up on me and has always been there,” Jeong said. “She has definitely taught me to never forget where I come from and I think she’s such a strong and an awesome role model for me because she reminds me of myself a lot. I think she knows that. When she gives me advice, it really resonates well with me.”  

Jeong firmly believes that her experience attending FUHS has been unique and enjoyable.

“I would say there were aspects of spontaneousness and also at times it was a little overwhelming, but overall, it was definitely a satisfying experience to go through high school and engage in all these different clubs and be on campus with different groups of people,” Jeong said. “I think coming to Fullerton definitely was a really good choice on my part because of the fact that everyone is super diverse and they share a lot of different opinions that ultimately bring us closer together.”

Jeong advises future seniors and underclassmen to enjoy their time in high school while it lasts.

“I know this is super cliche, but definitely make the most of it because for me it went by super fast,” Jeong said. “It may not seem like it as a freshman, it may seem like it’ll take a long time, and there may be times where you’ll want to give up, but I feel like you really need to keep at it and it’ll all work out.”

This stems from Jeong’s belief that everything happens for a reason.

“At the end of high school, I feel like you’ll end up where you need to be,” Jeong said.

Jeong will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall of 2019, to study Political Science. She plans on eventually pursuing a career in law. Audry pushes forward with optimism and excitement as she moves into this new chapter of her life.

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