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Tim Coleman

Since his childhood, Tim Coleman has been influenced by theatre and choir. Raised to enjoy singing and performing, Coleman’s experiences have brought him into many vocal art programs in his high school years.

“I’ve always been told that my father’s side of the family was the theatre side, and my mother’s side was the choral side,” Coleman said. “That shaped me into taking musical theatre, barbershop quartet, and my love of acting.”

Tim has been in theatre and choir all four of his high school years, as well as NHS and barbershop quartet. Through these, Tim has learned how to rely on both himself and others to help him in his musical development.

“Music has helped me to express my inner self, and describe how I’m feeling through the words that I’m singing, or through the way that I’m singing it,” Coleman said.

This love of music led Tim to join the barbershop quartet, Nothing Rhymes with Orange, as manager. Finding a love for being able to self-promote in his managing position, Tim has committed to attending California State University Fullerton, majoring in business administration and minoring in vocal music.

“With a degree in music marketing, I can look into music headlining and production,” Coleman said. “I want to try and take on something daunting, because I know that I can accomplish it.”

By devoting most of his time to musical theatre, Tim was able to work up to a high level in artistic achievement.

“I was nominated for the Cappies Award from the Orange County Cappies for sound design last year, for my sound work on Cinderella,” Coleman said. “My sound was voted in the top five of all the participating Orange County schools, which was pretty huge for me.”

Tim’s high school experiences with choir and theatre have shaped him into a person who loves music with all his heart.

“Practicing with my quartet at school has given me a lot of fun experiences, ones that I’ll always remember,” Coleman said.

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