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Chloe Reese

Chloe Reese has kept busy during her years in high school, with involvement in sports, the AP/IB program, and various clubs, but credits the best of her success to the relationships she created on campus.

Chloe credits much of her success to the amazing friends she has made along the way,

“I really love the people here at Fullerton. I remember coming in as a freshman and just being extremely scared and not knowing what high school had in store for me, but I’m extremely glad I came because I have made some lifelong friends here.”

Chloe’s busy schedule could overwhelm anyone, but through her friendships, she was able to stay strong.

“I am a really busy person–even outside of school and sometimes that can be really overwhelming. I remember always just stressing out and being calmed down by my friends.  They are pretty much the biggest reason why they kept me sane. I don’t really know what I would do without them.”

For Chloe, volleyball was one of her most special activities.

“I joined volleyball my freshman year not entirely knowing what it entailed–I really just did it because I enjoyed it as a hobby as I had played it since fourth grade. But it has become so much more than that. I feel that volleyball has really shaped me into who I am today.”

In volleyball, Chloe created lasting bonds and learned important life skills.

“The girls I played with while we did experience defeat, we also grew in our trust for one another and that is something that I personally needed work on and I’m so glad to have joined this family with a group of girls that I have come to admire.  It’s more than a sport for me, it’s helped me to improve upon myself as a person. Learning to work with my teammates and truly getting to know and love my teammates has been the reward in it of itself.”

In addition to Volleyball, Chloe is a member of NHS/CSF, Culture Club, volunteers at The Rock Church, and studies to be a Full IB diploma candidate.

As Chloe reflects on her high school life, she reminds herself of the person who has made the biggest impact in her life,

My uncle has made a significant impact in my life as he is the only person that has provided me with unconditional support. When I was born, my tio was just a kid in high school. He just had to watch me but chose to love me instead. From then forward he has been my best friend, mentor, and hero. The reason I am a confident, strong, and fearless is because of my tio. His boundless support, sincere love, and constant faith in me has formed me into the person I am today.”

Chloe will further her education this fall at UCLA, where she will be majoring in Biology to continue on in medical school to pursue a career as a Behavioral Developmental Pediatrician.

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