Photo Cred: Emmy Yzguerra

Emmy Yzguerra

Esmeralda Yzguerra, or as most students know her, Emmy, is a selfless and kind-hearted girl headed towards pursuing her dreams this fall at USC.

She received two scholarships towards her education, the KM scholarship and Hopkins scholarship due to her hard work and leadership skills in and out of the classroom.

While attending USC, Emmy plans on majoring in Political Economy, an interdisciplinary major that includes international relations, political science, and economics.

“I shadowed a lawyer that helped parents get their kids back, So I wanted to pick a major that would help me get a law degree,” Yzguerra said.

Emmy is very passionate about the things she believes in and hopes she can the community and families in ways that others can’t.

These last four years at FUHS have been “memorable” and have helped Emmy become the person she is today.

“Fullerton has helped me express myself as an individual and allowed me to explore in many things,” Yzguerra said. “I really found my passion in water polo and in speech and debate at this school.”

Emmy has worked really hard to get where she is today, with the support of her family and friends she feels that she can achieve anything.

High school has taught her that she always has to be true to herself and that being kind to everyone you meet gets you farther in life than negativity.

Getting to graduate and start her life to do the things she is passionate about it exciting to Emmy, though she will miss the friendships and memories that she has made at fullerton.

“I’ve made really great friends here, I will forever cherish all the memories that I have made. It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to this place,” Yzguerra said.

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