Photo Cred: Raquel Frausto

Raquel Frausto

Raquel Frausto was very unsure about choosing FUHS as her high school, but in the end, she is so thankful to become apart of the tribe.

For four years, Raquel participated in cheer.

“Cheer has made me more involved in this school. If I wasn’t in cheer I don’t think I would really care about school events or anything like that. Having to come to the games or other sports games have made me enjoy high school more,”  Frausto said.

Chosen as a team captain her junior year, Raquel used this opportunity to develop leadership skills and has helped her open up more to be able to lead her team to the fullest extent.  

“I used to be really timid, so it made me come out of my shell more. It’s taught me how to handle and face different situations,” Frausto said.

Her favorite memory from high school was all the cheer games she attended as a freshman and being able to look up to all the others on the team because she was the youngest.

“To see how [my teammates] were involved in the school and just spending time with them was really fun,” Frausto said.

Outside of school, Frausto likes to volunteer at Valencia Park Elementary School and Sunday school. She works with the kindergarten class helping with kids who are struggling and falling behind.

“ I started volunteering in 6th grade and I found out I wanted to work in nursing with the babies. After working with 2-year-olds for a year I found out I really loved them,” Frausto said.

Not only has Frausto found something she wants to continue later in life, but she gained patience skills which help her live a happier, more fulfilling life.

“I don’t know what I want to do yet but I know it has to include [working with] kids,” Frausto said.

After high school, Frausto plans to go to college. Frausto will attend UC Irvine to major in psychological science, in hopes to become either a teacher or child psychologist. The skills that Raquel has gained and the memories she has made will carry on with her as she steps forward into her new chapter in life.

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