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Madison Velez

Despite the stresses and hardships of high school, senior Madison Velez will never forget her four years at FUHS.

Madison is currently a section editor for the school newspaper. In addition, she has played softball for all four years. These activities helped her realize that FUHS is full of amazing people.

“Being in different programs really just made me realize how special everyone is at this school and how beautiful our school is and what an amazing community I get to be in,” Velez said.

Most of the groups she is part of have become more like a second family.

“The softball girls are like my sisters. I’m with them every single day 24/7. It’s just a different world,” Velez said.

Madison has had amazing experiences as part of the softball team.

“Some of my best memories are from softball and the bond that I have made with all the girls, it is just so amazing,” Velez said.

“One of my favorite memories would have to be when our game got rained out and we just sat in the team room and ate food and had deep conversations with each other,” said.

Though high school has brought amazing people into her life, Madison has also faced some of her hardest challenges in high school.

“I really struggled with finding myself going into sophomore year,” Velez said. “I had a really rough year, so I had to overcome that and really realized that in order to thrive in life, we have to overcome all the negatives in our lives.”

Madison, who has gone through it all in her past four years, says to just stay focused to the underclassmen.

“Stay focused. I know everyone says that, and knows to stay on top of your grades and on top of your work, but it is really important, especially if you know what you want to do, you shouldn’t jeopardize that.” Velez said.

Madison says that one of her biggest achievements in high school would be writing for Journalism.

“The stories that I write, people don’t think that they mean a lot, but certain stories really mean a lot to people and they impact people’s lives. Especially this year, I definitely learned that lesson that what you do affects other people,” Velez said.

Madison has committed to Cerritos College to play softball. She plans to study Psychology and become a social worker in the future.

Madison has enjoyed her time at FUHS and is sad to see it come to an end, but is also ready and excited for the future.

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