School should invest in bike pedals under desks

William Hollon, Staff Writer

What did the teacher just say? I don’t get this. Ooh, I like that kid’s shirt, I wonder where he got it.

    These are just some of the thoughts that unfocused, off-task students have when they aren’t paying attention.

When I’m in math class, I find myself bored and almost falling asleep. But I remembered reading about an article from The Daily Mail about a teacher’s ingenious idea to help students.

    At Martin Middle school in Raleigh, North Carolina, math teacher Bethany Lambeth, put bike pedals under her students’ desks to help students focus in class.

Source: The Daily Mail
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    “As soon as we got them the kids loved them straight away,” Lambeth told The Daily Mail. “Before they would drum on desks, touch other students, just generally fidget- but they don’t do that anymore.”

    She claims that her students’ work and test scores have gone up since the installation of the bike pedals.

    More teachers and schools should consider this idea. School just doesn’t interest some students these days, especially in subjects like math. You can’t understand all those complex calculations if you just aren’t paying attention.

And it isn’t just math. If we are in an English class, reading stories might leave some of us daydreaming all period. But if we had the bike pedals under the desks, we might actually be focused.

Our school has taken a step with the wheel-desks, but I think it’s time to take it one step even further.

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