December Briefly

Jonathan Piña-Villanueva, Feature Editor

IB Anthro Students Build Alliances

Several of Sarah Percy’s friends contributed period products to her kula, emphasizing a cultural connection with women through menstruation. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)

When senior Sarah Percy asked three of her friends for an item important to them, she didn’t expect for every one of them to give her a menstrual pad or tampon.

“The main reason was just when I asked my friends, that’s what they had on hand,” Percy said. “They were like, here, just take this.”

Some of the items on junior Sophie Santos’s necklace include (from left) a George Washington pin from history teacher David Shanebeck; Lego Batman from English teacher Kimberley Harris; a gear from physics teacher Jim Pitochelli; a dog tag from campus supervisor Rose King; a “I Know the Signs” suicide prevention pin from counselor Erin McCarthy and a “Music Changes Lives” sticker from Spanish teacher Helen Craft. (Photo by Osvaldo Munoz)

Along with a house key from Percy herself and a French fleur-de-lis from Sharon Hollon, the items were placed on a necklace for the IB Anthropology Kula Ring project. Taking place from Oct. 19 to Nov. 3, the goal was to simulate how people in a society form connections with each other in different ways. The Trobriand islanders were used as inspiration, who utilize red and white shell necklaces to make generational alliances.

When a student is presented a kula ring, they place an important object on the ring and wear it for a day. By giving an object, the kula ring wearer indirectly allies with previous wearers. The eventual result is a sprawling network of social, political, and economic bonds.

Although it wasn’t planned, Percy’s kula ring gives a perfect example of how shared experiences can connect us.

“Regardless of gender identity, half of the population menstruates at some point,” Percy said. “That’s a symbol of unity and of biology.”

Other students focused on teachers that they felt comfortable with. Junior Evelyn Arreola received a bandana from her first science teacher, Danica Perez.

“I really have a good connection with her,” Arreola said. “It’s very comforting to be around her, especially when I had some hard times or just needed someone to talk to, then she’s always there.”

Arreola’s kula includes a slide ruler from math teacher Todd Bragalone; a white ribbon from photography teacher Gabby Kudron; a bracelet from her basketball coach, Satchel Fitzsimons; a ring from her cross-country and history teacher, Angelica Spurrier; a student’s note card and paper butterfly from biology teacher Jaime Rojas; a bandana from geophysical teacher Danica Perez; a Polaroid from visual arts teacher Maggie Crail; history teacher Samantha Meggison’s bell and a crochet squid keychain from Hyunmin Kim.

Junior Evelyn Arreola’s kula ring features 9 different objects. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Vilanueva)

Gingerbread Contest

As Christmas is approaching, FUHS’s Restaurant One and Restaurant Two classes made gingerbread houses to get in a festive mood. The final creations were displayed in the gallery from Dec. 12-14. Teachers and staff were invited to vote for their favorite entries.

Third Place: Christmas in the Big Apple by Jaden Pulsifer, Daisy Romero and Mathew Leon

Second Place: Disney Christmas Catastrophe by Macy Alcott, Amar Ruiz and Julisa Lopez

First Place: Cozy Christmas by Abrielle & Rayana Northgrave

Finals Week Update

Starting on Dec. 20, students at FUHS will be on a different schedule to accommodate finals week. Each day will end early around 2:02 p.m. on Tuesday and 12:47 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday.

As finals start to take place, district mental health coordinators encourage students to use the Pomodoro Technique as an efficient way to study. This is just one of the many effective ways that students can use to study effectively without feeling overwhelmed. The Pomodoro Technique consists of the following:

Step 1: Choose the task.
Step 2: Set a timer for 25 minutes.
Step 3: Work on the task until the timer beeps.
Step 4: Take a short break of 3-5 minutes.
Step 5: Repeat the cycle 4 times and take a longer break after 4 sessions.

Summation of Force Gallery

The Summation of Force art gallery was put up on Dec. 8. It featured photography foundations, 3-D design and advanced pieces. This art gallery was an assignment for advanced students to capture movement in photography.

Senior photographer Josh Florkowski submitted this piece. He said the darker contrasts bring out the emotion of the photograph. (Photo by Josh Florkowski)

Next to that, 3-D design students had projects that were also presented as an in-class assignment. This allows students to develop their artistic voice and capture what they want even in any level class.

Senior Josh Florkowski is in photography foundations and developed his artistic voice by shooting around the school. Photography teacher Gabbie Kudron loved his skill and encouraged him to submit it into the show.

“I want to be different. I want to be more creative. I want to find pictures that I can take that can’t be replicated by someone else,” Florkowski said.

3-D design also got involved. Using the theme of social justice, students created individual work that was combined into a single art piece to show a wide variety of issues.
The Summation of Force art gallery will be open until open house on Jan. 19.


Choc Club is partnering with an organization called NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) that encourages kids battling cancer with care packages of toys. Members are hoping to raise $3,000 by the end of the school year in order to package and send 100 JoyJars to pediatric cancer patients. If you want to sponsor a full joy jar, the cost is $30; however, any donation is helpful and much appreciated.

Click here to donate to the FUHS campaign for CHOC!

Comedy Sportz

Do finals have you stressed out? Do you need a hearty laugh? Let all your anger out at ComedySportz’s Finals Scream! match on December 22nd at 6 pm in the Little Theater. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online, at the Box Office, or at the door. Their new mascot will be making a debut, so make sure to get a picture with AAAAAlbert.

Reporters Ami Ishikawa, Kara Kim, Nana Madokoro, Osvaldo Munoz and Addam Sapien contributed to this story.