February Briefly


Photo by Addam Sapien

District teachers nominated FJUHSD student art pieces to be displayed in the Muckenthaler Cultural Center’s art gallery from Jan. 26 to Feb. 9. The display serves to represent district-wide art classes and the talent of student artists. Families and teachers across the district viewed the pieces at the show’s opening ceremony on Jan. 26. (Above) Two visitors of the Muckenthaler museum enjoy the art from schools across the district.

AVID students practice budgeting skills

To teach students how to handle money, volunteers hosted district senior AVID students on Feb. 7 at Sunny Hills High School. Senior Nathan Limon said that it was great to be challenged to stay within his budget. (Left) A screenshot of The Bite of Reality app that helps students budget real-life scenarios. (From left to right) Seniors Melissa Campos, Reese O’Steen and Ryan Trejo study and compare the prices of the item the volunteer is selling. (Photos courtesy of Pricilla Bravo-Fullman)

New banners promote academies

To promote FUHS academies, school officials hung nine large banners over winter break on campus buildings. Principal Laura Rubio said she was happy they were displayed for January’s Open House. “We really want to beautify the school,” Rubio said. “They will now be permanently displayed.” (Left) A snapshot from seniors Sean Finch and Marco LaRosa’s duet “Man or Muppet” for a choral concert was used for a promotional poster. (Right) A poster of senior Emmett Young working in the kitchen hangs outside of the culinary arts building. (Photos by Osvaldo Muñoz)

Students treat steer ringworm at the farm

(Left) Ag teacher Shannon Alcott checks a steer for ringworm. (Right) The farm has 32 chickens. Students hope to sell eggs to teachers by the end of the month. (Photos by Teagan Lunsford)

Agriculture students Macy Alcott, Emma Orrell, Brooke Tomsons and Edward Burton are offering an egg delivery subscription for FUHS teachers. The students purchased and raised the hens and are now ready to sell eggs for $25 per month for one dozen eggs delivered each week.

In other agricultural news, a few students with steers had to deal with cattle ringworm last month. In order to combat the infection, students kept steers separated and treated their animals with iodine. According to FFA junior Macy Alcott, ringworm causes the animals discomfort and itchiness, but the condition isn’t dangerous.

“Ringworm lives in the dirt of the farm, so as much as we can get rid of it on animals, it kind of just stays. Almost every year our animals all get ringworms at some point,” said Alcott, who is confident they will be able to treat the animals and get them ringworm free in time for the fair in July.

From Feb. 18-25 students celebrated National FFA Week with three different FFA events to recognize and bring awareness to the largest youth organization in the world. There are 300 FFA members at Fullerton High and 1,850 FFA members among five schools in the district. Students hosted a free lunch for FFA members and held the annual Tri Tip Drive thru last month along with an ice skating event with the Orange FFA Section.

Professional actors perform FUHS senior’s play

Characters Ben (left) and Jamie (right) stand at Jamie’s doorway as Jamie delivers the final death notice in the form of a monologue. (Photo courtesy of Marc Akiyama)

The FUHS Theatre students traveled to the Joan B. Kroc Theatre in San Diego on Jan. 26 to watch a professional production of senior Donny Cannady’s one-act play The Notifiers.

After entering the piece into the California Young Playwrights Contest, Cannady became one of four winners. The show focuses on two death-notifiers during the Vietnam War, each from a different generation. As they struggle to deliver the painful news, each character explores their contrasting views on the usefulness of war.

“At its heart, the message of The Notifiers is to not let yourself be desensitized to bad things,” Cannady said. “We are living in a world that is so used to terrible things, and when we let ourselves get used to these tragedies, we make them normal.”

Cannady plans to continue playwriting, and will submit another one-act piece entitled “The Brighter Colors” to the Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference.

ComedySportz team travels to improv workshop

(From left) Junior Cole Frausto, freshman Molly Cooper, junior Mollie Holbrook, and senior Dan Mayfield play a dance battle game called Whatchu Got?! at a ComedySportz practice. The ComedySportz team traveled to Game Con II on Feb. 4 to further develop their improv skills and gain more knowledge about playing on a team. The team competed against Laguna Hills on Jan. 30. Their next match is on March 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online or at the door. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)

Marine Band performs for district student bands

The 1st Division Marine Band traveled to Fullerton High School to play for the district’s band programs. Students gathered in the FUHS auditorium for the performance and a presentation about how students could join the band. The Marine Band performed pieces from parades, special events, and even performed a jazz set they put together for students. Sgt. Kevin Ashley (left) conducted the band’s concert pieces and played piano in the jazz set on Feb. 2 in the auditorium. (Photos by Syd Rosas)

STEM students are science ambassadors

Seniors Anusha Puri, Micaela Wendler, and Alyson Jeong helped children build towers out of mini marshmallows and toothpicks as part of the campus’s STEMup4Youth’s outreach program on Jan. 21 at the Fullerton Public Library. Club members plan to host another STEM session at the library on Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Anusha Puri)

Culinary connects with community

Senior Leslie Eduviges shows a student how to pipe frosting. FUHS Culinary and Hospitality students traveled to Commonwealth Elementary on Feb. 6 to mentor elementary school students on proper food preparation and kitchen safety. Restaurant I & II students also had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by the Disney Culinary & Hospitality on Feb. 24. On March 3 staff can expect a luncheon catered by Restaurant students including foods from a cobb salad, focaccia bread, and dessert served in the staff cafeteria. (Photo courtesy of Mario Schwarz-Cole)
Staff members Sophia Galvan, Ami Ishikawa, Teagan Lunsford and Syd Rosas contributed to this story.