ASB looking for diverse, passionate new members

School officials are looking to expand the diversity in ASB next year by increasing the ASB team from 32 students to about 50 students next year.

According to assistant principal Marcene Guerrero, the school wants student leaders who are “pumped to reach all students.”

“We are looking for kids that care about their classmates and are willing to put in the time to make Fullerton a place where all kids are welcomed,”Guerrero said. “We want the ASB class to mirror what our campus looks like.”

Follow this link to fill out an application. The deadline to apply for the ASB class is March 27.

The Tribe Tribune spoke with ASB member Rowan Yeo to learn more about student leadership. Photographer Osvaldo Munoz spent some time with ASB to capture some behind-the-scenes work that goes into hosting assemblies, dances and other activities.

Commissioner of video production junior Rowan Yeo assembles the weekly Friday announcements that include club updates and sports updates, along with fun videos and interviews. Yeo has improved the sound quality this year by incorporating better microphones. Additionally, Yeo said the audio and video of the student interviews come in two separate clips that require a lot of time and editing. “For the soccer video I filmed, there was 50 minutes of footage and 50 minutes of audio,” Yeo said. “I had to figure out who goes to what and match it up.” (Photo by Osvaldo Munoz)
ASB is responsible for every school activity from dances to pep rallies. Behind the scenes of every activity, ASB is at work to make it possible. (Left) Senior Lillian Kelly and sophomore Abigail Lucey fill up water balloons to prepare for the Sadies pep rally on Feb. 1. Senior Kyle Kim (left) and sophomore Gavin Bishoff (right) participate in the water balloon game. (Photos by Osvaldo Munoz)
ASB works in multiple committees, allowing for each task to be completed both effectively and efficiently. The ASB spirit commissioner Laysha Villegas cuts out decorations in the ASB Room for the Jan. 31 basketball game against Buena Park. (Photo by Osvaldo Munoz)
(Left to right) Seniors Elyse Weske, Mary Hernandez and Laysha Villegas show off the banner for the senior class photo. (Photo by Ozzy Munoz)
Senior Mary Hernandez carries the banner for the senior class photo to be taped to the stadium rails. Hernandez contributes most of her time in ASB creating posters and placing them around the school to promote school activities. (Photos by Osvaldo Munoz)
(Left) Junior Donya Moshiri along with a small committee of four other students hand write the names of every student and every teacher at FUHS, adding up to about 2,000 hearts. (Right) ASB members are often required to show up to prepare for assemblies, hang up posters to promote school activities, and decorate the FUHS campus. ASB arrived at school at 6:30 a.m. on Valentine’s Day to tape each individual heart to the wall outside of the ASB Room. (Photos by Osvaldo Munoz)

Tribe Tribune editors Reagan Glidewell and Ella Kirby contributed to this story.