ASB releases ‘Life is a Highway’ Prom Theme


Photo courtesy of Highway 39

Beverage station in the main room at Highway 39 in Anaheim. Promgoers will have access to unlimited desserts and beverages.

Fullerton ASB released the “Life is a Highway” prom theme on March 3, the idea sprouting from the well-known Route 66 and select venue Highway 39. The theme was revealed in the quad with classic cars driven by Pete Matzan and Cacey Moore. 

Junior Elizabeth Timmerman said campus supervisor Rose King helped coordinate the event.

“Our ASB advisor [Allison Lohran] mentioned that Rose has her own classic car,” Timmerman said. “Since she has classic car get-togethers with her friends, she has contacts. I emailed her and she said she could get us two or three cars for the theme reveal.”

Timmerman said that the venue was already significantly decorated on the inside. Therefore, when coming up with a theme, they decided to go with the theme that best fit the venue.

“Honestly, when coming up with the theme, we just all threw together all of our ideas and we actually all pretty much came up with a collective decision at the end,” Timmerman said. “There was no real arguing and we were all like, this is the thing we want.” 

The FUHS 2023 prom will be held on April 1 from 8-11 p.m. at Highway 39 in Anaheim. Timmerman said that there will be unlimited desserts and drinks, as well as a photo booth, classic cars to take pictures in front of, dancing indoors and more activities outdoors.

Tickets will be $100 with IFL and $110 without IFL the week of March 13-19 and $120 online only the week March 20-26. It will be $120 the week of March 27-31. March 31 will be the last day to purchase tickets. Tickets can be purchased at Room 65 during break or lunch or online at the Tribe Store.

Pete Metzan steps out of his car and greets the students at FUHS for the Mar. 3 prom theme release. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)
ASB hung a banner from a classroom to announce the prom theme: Life is a Highway Route 66. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)
Junior Rowan Yeo and Cacey Moore talking in the quad during the March 3 prom release at break. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)
The inside of the Highway 39 venue is decorated with neon lights and classic cars. (Photo courtesy of Morgan McAndrew)
The ASB junior class released Highway 39 as their venue, basing the theme ‘Life is a Highway’ off of the well-decorated location. (Photo courtesy of Morgan McAndrew)