Crews plan to start new construction


Photo by Syd Rosas

Construction to widen the drive-way from the 70’s building to the cafeteria will begin this summer. In order to create more space, the planters and a few trees near the bathrooms will be removed but in exchange, this will allow for firetrucks to get to the ROP-Auto Body Workshop and 140s-150s building easily and efficiently in the case of emergencies.

After several delays, the district is scheduled to begin construction on a new swimming pool and tennis courts on Pomona Avenue this summer.

FUHS swimmers and water polo players will need to travel to Fullerton College or other local pools for practices next year, but assistant principal Jon Caffrey says the pool upgrade will be worth the wait.

The Pomona Project will include a new pool, more parking spaces, new tennis courts and an upgrade to the auto body area. With the help of district funds, major projects in the renewal of the FUHS campus have begun and will continue over the next year or so, starting with the installation of new fencing near the auto-body building.

Aquatics Center 

The current back entrance to the aquatics center will become the main entrance to the pool for friends and family to watch the water sports when the parking lot is complete. The alley between the pool wall and the 160s/140s building will remain the same for another path to access the center. (Photo by Syd Rosas)
The FUHS pool will be extended horizontally into the utility field to comply with CIF pool size regulations. New swimming lanes, scoreboard and bleachers will be purchased to replace the outdated equipment. (Photo by Syd Rosas)
Because the brick wall (at left) will be removed to extend the pool, the dance room stairs will need to be replaced with a U-shape stair case rather than the current “straight-up” type of staircase. (Photo by Syd Rosas)

Tennis Courts Update 

The area where the old gyms used to reside will soon be turned into an additional parking lot, consisting of around 30 more parking spots, and a new tennis court which would allow the FUHS tennis courts to be CIF regulation size. (Photo by Syd Rosas)
Re-leveling of the concrete walkway around the tennis courts and softball fields will begin in early summer. Additionally, the fencing and access ways of the courts will undergo slight changes in order to decrease the number of people able to walk through to keep the courts protected. (Photo by Syd Rosas)

Auto Body  

Construction of the ROP auto body building began recently with the addition of new fencing and gates. Furthermore, an enclosure was added in the area where BEAST students work to allow for an outside space for storage and projects. The Auto-Body program is also slated to receive a large grant for a brand new Snap-On Tools shop layout. This new layout will include multiple large and small toolboxes, full sets of tools for each box and new machinery. (Photo by Syd Rosas)