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Teacher of the Year

ASB adviser connects with students
Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva
Kerr (back middle) is shown huddling with three of her ASB juniors (left to right): Abbey Lucey, Abigail Kelly, and Victoria Castellanos. In all of her classes, Kerr does her best to encourage a close community between students. As the ASB advisor, Kerr stays heavily involved in school activities and events and ensures her students have all the necessary tools to be successful.

“The teachers I think I learned the most from and cared to learn from, were those who took a personal interest in me,” said ASB adviser Brooke Kerr, discussing her own experiences as a student at Buchanan High School in Clovis, California.

She remembers her high school English teacher who also coached her tennis team. “I’m eternally thankful for her guidance. I believe I’ve been successful because one teacher took special interest in me,” Kerr said.

Adopting the same approach of care and concern with her own students, Kerr has been selected as the 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year. She’s invested in her students’ lives, and her genuine interest is what makes Kerr such a lovable and effective teacher.

Kerr was always enthusiastic about connecting with a variety of people when she was in ASB during high school. She says ASB attracts people from all types of social circles. From musicians to athletes, ASB has it all. “I enjoyed being with others, not in a clique,” she said. 

As an educator, Kerr wants her students to interact with people outside of their friend group. This is why she has emphasized the importance of close relationships during her first year as ASB adviser.

Kerr laughing with ASB members while talking to them. She tries her best to connect with students and show interest in their lives since that was what her best teachers did. (Photo by Jonathan Piña-Villanueva)

Sophomore Elysee Hua agrees with Kerr’s opinion about the advantage of diversity. “Now we get to be united instead of just being separated by our grade levels,” Hua said.

Sophomore Audrina Gomez is impressed with Kerr’s ability to manage so well during her first year at Fullerton High School. “She’s done a great job in making sure everyone does their work, and she makes sure everything is fair,” Gomez said. 

  Being the ASB adviser is a massive workload. Half of the job is managing paperwork, money and lists for everything. The other half of the job is helping students be creative, enthusiastic and responsible.

Sophomore Shanelle Thompson commends Kerr for her constant enthusiasm that never fails to energize her students. “Even when everyone’s having a bad day, she brings positivity and always tries to boost our moods,” Thompson said.

Even though staying at school late and supervising events are part of her job description, Kerr always manages to exceed her students’ expectations. 

Senior Donya Moshiri recalls a time when ASB students had to stay late to prepare for an assembly. Knowing that her students would be working through dinner time, Kerr asked assistant principal Danny Ma to make a homestyle meal instead of requiring her students to buy their own dinners. “I didn’t expect Mr. Ma to be making it,” Moshiri said. “It was really homemade [burgers].”

Ma says that it’s been great working with Kerr. “Because both of us are new and both of us are coming in with a fresh set of ideas, it’s easy to work together in making events happen.”

Ma says Kerr is so deserving of this award: “What I just appreciate about her is her passion, her drive, and just how she’s so student oriented.”

Kerr agrees that focusing on students’ needs is the best part of her job. She said, “I literally come home and I’m like, ‘This is the best job ever.’”

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