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Tribe Tracks


Editor’s Note:

Here at the Tribe Tribune, we’re revisiting Tribe Tracks, where we feature students and their unique musical tastes. We asked students to list their top five favorite songs, and then we sifted through responses and chose the lists that stood out. For the first issue of this revived series, we chose to feature junior Bernardo Coria Lozano, who not only has good taste but is also a singer himself. Beneath our interview with Lozano are a few other student playlists. Check these out and add variety to your personal library.

Q: What inspired you to sing?

A: I developed an interest in singing because I have always been drawn to the idea of performing on stage. I knew I wanted to do a musical and I was in choir in middle school.

The last time I performed was during the musical production of Matilda, [my freshman year], which was an exhilarating experience. After that, I stopped. I loved singing but never really pursued it seriously. That was until I joined the school choir this year, and I must say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Joining the choir allowed me to develop my singing abilities and gain more confidence in my skills. I felt a sense of belonging and accomplishment whenever I performed with my fellow choir members. Singing has become a fun part of my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to express myself through music.

Q: What made you stop singing? 

A: I didn’t really want to sing anymore because of thoughts like “Oh I’m not a good singer.” After singing for a while, I began to feel a disconnect between singing because I wasn’t able to find many opportunities to perform. As a result, I eventually lost interest in singing and decided to take a break from it.

Sophomore Bernardo Coria Lozano
Exile -Taylor Swift, ft. Bon Iver
Falling Behind – Laufey
Poster Boy – Lyn Lapid
Tolerate It – Taylor Swift
Dreamer – Laufey

Q: What are your future goals with your signing? 

A: Hopefully I can take my singing and go to Broadway and start a music career. They like a mix of singing, acting, and dancing and I have a few interests in those areas. Making music is also an interest I have in the future. 

Q: How does singing make such a big impact on who you are? 

A: Singing helps me learn more about myself and helps me grow because I’m on stage for choir when we have concerts and that helps me get ready to perform. Though I’m not gonna be talking and we’re singing, I say it is somewhat similar to public speaking. I find that it’s important to speak to one another. 

Q: Is there a big difference in music taste between you and your family?

A: Yes. I say I’m right in the middle because my taste in music is pop and indie alternative while my family likes Cumbia and Reggaeton. Mostly Spanish music, sometimes pop.

Q: What are some major artists that really inspire you to sing? 

A: Some artists that inspire me are Laufey and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift because I’m not saying “Oh she is such a good singer,” but she has some influence on why I want to sing. I feel like their music has meaning in it and that is what I want to do if I become an artist. I write songs that have meaning behind them because I think messages are important. 

Q: Can you explain why you like one of these songs? 

A: I adore “Exile by Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver” because they both have an incredible singing voice. The juxtaposition of their voices is truly remarkable and the fact that the song is sung from both perspectives only amplifies this effect. It’s amazing how you can hear every single word of the song and truly understand the message they’re trying to convey

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