Juniors vs Seniors Powderpuff Style


Photo Cred: Madison Velez

Powderpuff has always been an event that brings the school together, as it’s not everyday that the girls get to do something like this. The junior and senior girls always look forward to this event at the end of the year.

Junior Presli Dillon has a lot of confidence in her team going into this game tonight.

“ We are definitely going to win,” Dillon said. “The juniors’ energy is so much higher than the seniors and we just look more organized.”

The juniors have worked really hard with the goal of winning this game, but they made sure they had fun in the process.

Senior Amanda Foglesong feels that the juniors underestimate them and that the seniors have the power to win.

“The Juniors definitely underestimate us, I don’t think they realize the type of athletes that we have on this team,” Foglesong said.

This event consists of the juniors and seniors on the football team coaching the girls in preparation for the game. They come up with plays and pick who they want in certain positions.

Going into this game, senior Dora Morales feels that everyone should take the opportunity to play.

“Getting to practice with these girls and make a few more memories before we graduate was so much fun,” Morales said. “I think that everyone should sign up to play it’s such a fun experience and I look forward to playing tonight.”

The seniors have a few tricks up their sleeve going into tonight’s game, they work hard and play even harder and can’t wait to show everyone what they’ve been working on.

Come find out who will take the win tonight in the stadium @7pm following the boys football game @5pm.