Lovesick finishes with sold out performances


Junior Brittany Fisheli explains to her love interest that maybe they’re not in love because they can’t think it through. Photo by Betsy Barreto.

Alejandra Rodriguez, Campus Club Editor

Clowns, makeout sessions and sorrow are the driving forces for the fall play Lovesick, directed by alumnus Zachary Hillman. The final two performances are Friday at 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Both shows are sold out.

“This show is very absurdist,” said senior Cooper Miller, who plays a 55-year-old, two-time divorcé. “It’s not very realistic, but the situations are realistic.”

The play focuses on what comes after love-at-first-sight and the hardships that sometimes follow. The love stories all take place on the same island in the middle of nowhere. 

Tribe Tribune photographer junior Veronica Gonzalez got a quick peek of the show during dress rehearsal.

“It looks really great,” said Gonzalez. “You get your haha and aww moment.” 

 The stories all intertwine to create a play with neither a precise ending nor a beginning that is meant to touch the audience with realistic situations and tear apart the façade of love. 

“This show is specifically meant to connect with its audience,” Miller said. “The way that the sorrow is presented is really heart-wrenching.” 

Junior Karina Hunt plays Emily, a 53-year-old who is desperate for a connection after her divorce. 

“Emily has gone through some really hard times and she escapes all her troubles by going to this island,” Hunt said.

Senior David Kwon, who plays Kevin said, “I want people to be kinder to themselves and to discover or remember that most relationships are hard and they take a lot of work.”