Clubs set meeting times


Senior Dani Lawson gets students pumped to join the Christian Athletes Club. Photo by Lauren Wright.

American Red Cross 

Teacher: Hanley

Student Contacts: Irene Bui and Nathaniel Castaneda

Meetings: Every other Thursday 

Room: 23 

ASL Club

Teacher: Leos 

   Meetings: Tuesdays 

Room: 228

CHOC Club 

Teacher: Hollon 

Student Contacts: Joyce Chang and Mariam Qara Ali

Meetings: Wednesdays 

Room: 153

Christian Athletes

Teacher: Orr 

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every Month 

Room: 142

Civilian Marksmanship

Teacher: Albertson 

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-5 pm 

Room: Below Culinary Building


Teacher: Hudson 

Meetings: Every other Wednesday

Room: 146

First Generation

Teacher: Mendoza 

Meetings: 2 times a month 

Room: 73


Teacher: Hudson

Meetings: Every Friday 

Room: 146

Habitat for Humanity 

Teacher: Henderson 

Student Contact: Katarina Ifantis 

Meetings: TBD

Room: 143

Inspired Writers

Teacher: Indelicato

Student Contact: Rosemary Kehoe  

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 

Room: 34

Interact Club 

Teacher: Wilhelmi 

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month

Room: 237

Jesus Club 

Teacher: Hebert 

Meetings: Every Thursday 

Room: Listen to Announcements

Key Club 

Teacher: Ruiz 

Student President: Hana Kim

Meetings: 1st Monday of every month 

Room: 43

Latino Club 

Teacher: Menendez 

Student President: Johany Arano

Vice President: Belen Olvera & Damian Yepez 

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month 

Room: 63

Model UN 

Teacher: Wren 

Meetings: 2 times a month

Room: 140


Teacher: Muhovich  

Meetings: Every Tuesday and Thursday of the month 

Room: 151

STEM Scholars

Teacher: Hill and Stehle 

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Wednesday 

Room: 11


Teacher: Albertson 

Meetings: Every Monday after school 3-4

Room: 232

Young Democrats 

Teacher: Indelicato

Student Contact: Gillian Hodgden

Meetings: Every other Tuesday 

Room: 34

Young Republicans 

Teacher: Indelicato 

Student Contact: Sam Bradberry 

Meetings: Every other Thursday 

Room: 34