Junior draws original, digital characters


Ian Blevins designed an original character called Dr. Cyberbeast. “I like to try to design interesting looking characters, not necessarily to use the characters in something. It’s just good practice and it’s fun,” Ian said.

Jackson Jerome, Reporter

Junior Ian Blevins uses his iPad and imagination to bring his characters to life.

“I just enjoy drawing characters with interesting designs as a way to help myself understand what makes other’s character designs so good,” Ian said.

Ian says that his art hasn’t been negatively impacted by California’s quarantine—it has allowed him to draw more.

“I don’t tend to use art to vent, considering I don’t draw deep emotional things,” Ian said. “But I find that even when an idea is underdeveloped, I draw things out because it’s harder to keep them visualized in my head.”



Click the slideshow below for more of Ian’s artwork.