April Briefly

Cyrus Burton, Staff Writer

Local communities donate homemade masks during coronavirus outbreak

To support local hospitals, Fullerton College costume shop manager Bronwen Burton has created more than 200 cloth masks at home in the past few weeks.
Burton’s masks are made with 100% cotton so that they can be washed and reused repeatedly. The masks have folds in them so the size is adjustable for any wearer.

Bronwen Burton has created more than 200 cloth masks at home in the past few weeks. Photo by Cyrus Burton.

Burton has donated masks to several facilities in need.
“I’ve got a friend that works in a pediatrics unit at Kaiser, and she needed some,” Burton said. “I’ve got another friend whose husband works in a rehabilitation facility for the elderly and they needed some so a bunch went to them as well.”
Burton’s colleague Carol Henke, the Gallery Director of Fullerton College’s art department, used Facebook to find volunteers to help produce masks. Henke and her group of friends are just one of many local groups helping hospitals all over Southern California.
“I saw news articles about the shortage of PPE [personal protective equipment] for medical professionals, and found out that ‘homemade’ masks were being accepted to help out,” Henke said.
While communities are doing as much as possible to support these medical facilities, there is no shortage of need for masks.
“Our masks have been donated to a hospice company, board, and care facility, P.A.’s working in an urgent care, and to a nurse who is taking them to St. Joseph Hospital in Orange,” Henke said. “I am also signed up on a local list of people making masks for St. Jude.”
Henke plans to continue to donate masks as long as necessary.
“I will keep making them as long as there is a need,” Henke said. “I hope they will have access to enough ‘real’ N95 masks soon. Now that it is recommended for everyone to wear a mask when out getting groceries, I would continue to make them for whoever needs them.”
In this difficult time, it is encouraging to know that there is, in fact, something that stuck at home citizens can do to help.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released instructions here on how to create masks, as well as extensive information on mask safety protocol.
For those interested in creating their own masks, Burton also demonstrates in this video how to fashion an easy mask from a scarf or handkerchief.

New gym construction

Assistant principal Tina Wilde confirms that gym construction is still happening despite the current social distancing protocols.
“While the campus is closed, construction on the gym project has continued with a skeleton crew in order to meet the social distancing recommendations and mandates,” Wilde said. She is hopeful that the small crew size will have a minimal impact on the projected timeline for completion.

Updates for the Class of 2020


The College and Career Center encourages seniors to continue applying for scholarships.
Applications originally due to the Career Center, regardless of the original due date, are now due to Ms. Dorado via email by May 1 at [email protected].

Commitment Week:

Seniors who have committed to any post-graduation institution, fill out the form for Commitment Week here: https://forms.gle/h849RdNBTh99nhbo7

Fullerton College tuition:

For the graduating seniors planning to attend Fullerton College for two free years, remember to complete the Fall 2020 application, FAFSA/Dream Act, and the college’s Education Plan with a college counselor.
For more information about the application process or extra help via online counseling, click here: https://promise.fullcoll.edu/

Senior Events:

Assistant principal Craig Weinreich announced Thursday that Grad Nite and Prom have been officially canceled. Administrators are currently discussing potential ways to celebrate the class of 2020’s graduation, such as holding a virtual ceremony or one at a later date, but nothing is yet confirmed.