The fentanyl documentary Dead on Arrival emphasizes the shift in drug use messaging. The focus isn’t just preventing addiction. Now that one fentanyl-laced pill can kill, experts emphasize that teens risk their lives every time they take illegal drugs.

Workshop advocates for drug awareness, Narcan training

Katherine Martinez, Managing Editor February 13, 2023

Devon Kelley-Hickman suffered from crippling anxiety throughout high school, and when marijuana could no longer blunt her stress, she found Xanax. One evening when her mother Veronica checked on Devon,...

Sophomore Chloe Ortiz took first place in her weight class (106) in the Freeway League finals. (Above) Ortiz clinched her title with a 16-1 tech fall after taking down her Buena Park opponent with a power half. The team finished second in league. Ortiz and the girls wrestling team traveled to San Dimas High School on Feb. 10 for CIF Individuals.

Winter Wrap-Up

Reagan Glidewell and Ella Kirby February 12, 2023

Boys soccer team finishes CIF Girls Soccer Girls Wrestling Boys Wrestling Girls Water Polo Boys Basketball With an astonishing 23 points, senior Joshua Welch led the Tribe to a 60-57...

Senior Nolan Shirk hand-decorated an old pair of Converse for the new school year using POSCA paint markers.

Students unleash creativity with DIY designs

Nana Madokoro, Reporter February 10, 2023

While most everyone wants to come to school in style, it’s hard to find unique yet affordable clothing and accessories. However, many FUHS students use their free time to create their own fashions,...

The two-week summer health class is not enough to combat the growing number of issues facing teens.

Health class: Clicking is not enough

Tribe Tribune Staff February 7, 2023

1 in 7 high school students regularly vape, according to government data. That’s about five vapers in every FUHS classroom. About 7% of students regularly abuse opioids, ranging from OxyContin to...

Senior Cole Thomson strikes a pose during the finale at the fall dance concert.

Dance concert highlights program’s variety

Katherine Martinez and Kylee Van Es December 20, 2022

Junior Paloma Dowdle admits dance class the past few years has been challenging. With COVID and working through multiple injuries during shows, they just wanted a stress-free and upbeat dance for the...

In the scene The Monsters, the narrator– after monologuing about how school is important for kids–is scared by the monster, forming an alliance with the young Isabelle. This was the third year FUHS students helped elementary school students bring their stories to life.

Theatre Department celebrates achievements

Sophia Galvan, Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2022

From performing at an elementary school to helping fund public school arts programs across California, the work of Theatre Program Director Michael Despars and his students deserve to be celebrated. The...

A seance to contact the spirit of a doll, Eliza Rose, is a tradition at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center’s horror night events. During this seance, the North Orange Paranormal Society was able to have a spirit ring a bell and write the name of an audience members late father.

There’s something here in Fullerton

November 13, 2022

Sophomore reporter Osvaldo Muñoz has been investigating paranormal activity in Fullerton for over a month. A lover of the supernatural, Muñoz has searched for answers to questions about his own experiences....

Senior Larissa Bromley measures gloss for the mammoth feet. BEAST students created the wooly mammoth and dinosaur that are featured in the fall play. The final two shows are Nov. 12.

BEAST program impresses with projects, awards

Katherine Martinez, Managing Editor November 10, 2022

Thank you, Mrs. Craft. Thank you for taking our fourth period Spanish class to watch the Theater Department’s preview of The Skin of Our Teeth on Nov. 3. Yes, I really enjoyed seeing a slice of the show...

Senior Marco LaRosa, playing both the Announcer and the Wooly Mammoth, bows. BEAST students created the mask and matching mammoth feet, which LaRosa wears during the play.

The Skin of Our Teeth: Costumes, sets, props provide fun spectacle for fall play

Alex Miranda and Saray Santiago November 9, 2022

Over 100 costumes. A dinosaur. The plague. A wooly mammoth. Beauty contests. War. Technical extravagance and creativity combine to create FUHS Theatre’s The Skin of Our Teeth. With so many specific...

Senior Jude Smith’s photo captures senior Dylan Alvord floating in English teacher Kimberley Harris’s classroom.

Students create Magical Realism, Ofrendas pieces

Sofia Matin and Jonathan Piña-Villanueva November 7, 2022

The FUHS Art Department classes of Maggie Crail, Gabby Kudron, Jason Hess and Scott Hudson displayed art from their classes’ Magical Realism and Ofrendas assignments in the campus gallery, Room 201,...

#14, Sophia Galvan, and #7, Sophia Goldblatt, confront each other as #46, Araya Wright, stands awkwardly alongside them.

The Wolves showcases realistic female teen characters

Sofia Matin and Alex Miranda October 11, 2022

FUHS students are familiar with the Disney Channel female archetypes. There’s Funny Girl, Shy Girl and Angry-Bully Girl. But those one-dimensional TV characters fall short of telling complete stories. In...

Seniors deserve new sweatshirts

Seniors deserve new sweatshirts

Tribe Tribune Staff October 11, 2022

Seniors can order yearbooks, dance tickets and senior swag during registration. It’s a lot of cash, but ASB bundles items so there’s a discount, and many seniors figure, “Hey, it’s senior year....

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