Maus views world through an insightful lens

Caysen capturing a mule carrying supplies in the village of Tannaout , Morocco, captured on a Nikon DF. Photo courtesy of Caysen Maus.

Gillian Hodgden, Editor-in-Chief

May 21, 2020

Caysen Maus may be someone who, at first glance, is a bit quiet. But take another glance at his photography and the depths of his personality shine through. Caysen grew up with a camera always pointing at him, with a professional photographer for a father. Caysen has taken after his dad and shifted ...

May Briefly

May Briefly

Tribe Tribune Staff

May 20, 2020

Senior checkout Senior checkout is May 26 and 27 on campus. Students will remain in their cars and start in the Lemon Lot, drive through campus and stop at various stations in the quad, then exit onto Pomona Avenue. Each student is assigned a time and date to come based on last name: Tuesday, ...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars makes wildly entertaining return

Anakin Skywalker (voice of Matt Lanter) faces off against Count Dooku (voice of Corey Burton). Photo courtesy of

Nathan Smith

May 19, 2020

After I finished watching the original Star Wars trilogy as a kid, I asked my dad if there were more. I wanted to see as much laser blasting, lightsaber fighting, and spaceship battling that I could. My dad told me there were three more movies, but that they were dumb and I shouldn’t waste my time...

Junior sews, draws during quarantine

“I’m looking into sewing masks and giving them out, as I read an article that provided a great pattern,” Soleil said. “I think people really should save the disposable ones for the hospitals; my neighbor is a nurse and gave us a few disposable masks, but why take them from the hospital when we could make our own?”

Jackson Jerome, Reporter

May 18, 2020

During the regular school year, junior Soleil Paquin always prioritizes academics over personal activities. Now, quarantine has given Soleil more time to pursue her artistic interests. “I’m terrible at time management,” Soleil said, although her accomplishments would beg to differ. She enjoys sewi...

Rynders earns spot in top Animal Science program

Aubrey Rynders plans to study Animal Science at UC Davis this fall. Photo courtesy of Aubrey Rynders.

Alexandra Williams, Managing Editor

May 17, 2020

Aubrey Rynders has been her own motivator for most of her life. “Watching my older brother struggle in school made me realize that putting in the work early in life made it easier to produce excellent work later in my school career,” Aubrey said. She stayed focused on her goals, and she’s worked...

Never get bored with Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight’s protagonist; other characters follow a similar style. Image courtesy of Steam.

Cyrus Burton, Reporter

May 16, 2020

I spent almost four hours a few weeks ago repeatedly playing this one painstakingly difficult platforming area in Hollow Knight. However, unlike my experiences with similar games, playing the same area over and over in Hollow Knight didn’t leave me angry, bored, or frustrated. Instead, it left me wanting...

FUHS alum produces feature film with Illegal Civilization

Samuel McIntosh filmed

Jamie Ma, Editor-in-Chief

April 17, 2020

Regardless of what classes they take or teach, there’s one name current FUHS students and staff are familiar with: Samuel McIntosh. Samuel graduated from Fullerton in 2017, but his name resurfaces on campus constantly. Several FUHS teachers still show Samuel’s film projects now. “Samuel’s project...

Sophomore excels in multiple art forms

Sophomore excels in multiple art forms

Tribe Tribune Staff

April 16, 2020

Sophomore Arabella Varieur originally took the photo entitled “Wings of Change” to include in her AP 2D design portfolio. “My portfolio explores the topic of philosophical identity, and I had the idea to use butterflies to portray the concept of change and growth,” Varieur said. “Luckil...

Triple Threat performer’s risks pay off

Senior Sydney Castiglione is known for her wide range of dramatic and comedic roles. (Left) Sydney played grieving mother Mary Davis in the FUHS production of The Girl in the White Pinafore in November. (Right) Her sophomore year, Sydney played step-sister Charlotte in the FUHS production of Cinderella. Photos courtesy of Sydney Castiglione.

Tribe Tribune Staff

April 16, 2020

Sydney Castiglione is a fearless performer. “Acting is about taking risks and Sydney is one of the biggest risk takers I have ever encountered as a director,” said FUHS theatre teacher Michael Despars. “Taking risks is something you cannot teach. Sydney just has it.” Sydney showed her willingness...

Teacher humor makes staying at home less painful

Teacher humor makes staying at home less painful

Karen Ruiz, Club Editor

April 16, 2020

Here I am. A first-generation student, counting down the days until my parents and family could see me walk across the fake grass on the football field and up on stage to accept an empty diploma case. Now, I’m wondering if I’m going to be left with a graduation Zoom party while my diploma is stuck...

Novice gardener socializes with plants

Tribe Tribune club editor Alejandra Rodriguez admires her unnamed green beans. Photo courtesy of Alejandra Rodriguez

Alejandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

April 16, 2020

During these difficult times, parents aren’t perfect. They’re letting their kids watch too much TV and maybe eat less than healthy snacks. As a new plant mom, I can understand how tough it is to make the right choices for your kids. But it’s okay. I’m doing the best I can. Once I learned that...

Editor criticizes racism, sexual assault in some 80s films

Tribe Tribune staff members recreated famous 80s movie posters, including The Breakfast Club (1985) which reminds students that humanity transcends labels and assumptions based off of preconceived judgments. Photo by Lauren Wright.

Jamie Ma, Editor-in-Chief

March 12, 2020

ASB’s Stranger Things themed Sadie’s dance last Friday gave students a fun flash from the past, demonstrating the neon timelessness of 80s teen culture with activities ranging from playing Donkey Kong to Skee-Ball. To celebrate both ASB’s hard work and the 80s time period, the Tribe Tribune s...