The Tribe Tribune

2017-2018 Staff

Anna Sanchez


Tea enthusiast. Ambitiously creative. Finds happiness in rainy days and sunsets. Believer in the unimaginable.

Yousef Bashouri

Web Editor / Manager

Dont come at me with that mainstream stuff.

Emily Brezarich


Varsity cross country captain. Future vet, living the life with my assortment of animals. Equestrian. Class of 2018.

Jacquelin Arreola

Staff Writer

Photography - Art/Drawing - Fashion - I guess you can say I’m into trendy things - love interior design and traveling new places - “You can’t say give me that smile again so take the picture while you can.” - Class of 2019 -  #whynot

Tyler Balsbaugh

Staff Writer

Avid hunter. Has fainted in elevator. Owns a three legged dog. Lowkey always have my inhaler ready. Lost my pet hamster. Life is beautiful!!

Maya Chavez

Staff Writer

Class of 2019. Crime show fanatic. Book lover. “In the end, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take."

Amanda Foglesong

Sports Editor

Class of 2019. Sports Editor. FUHS Varsity softball. I am obsessed with dogs. “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.”-Spongebob Squarepants.  #yearofthespear

Bianey Garcia Hernandez

Staff Writer

Class of 2019. Feminist. Dancer. Aspiring photo fashion journalist and stylist. "I still think I am the greatest" -Kanye West ...

Isabella Gomez

Staff Writer

Class of ‘18. Lover of books, art and Obama. i <3 writing poetry. Horchata addict. Hi, Brent. “The future is female.”

Josh Hanson

Staff Writer

Class of 2020 wrestling. I like burgers and i’m apart of the FFA #seriously

Gillian Hodgden

Staff Writer

Activist. Intersectional feminist. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

William Hollon

Staff Writer

Basketball. I like food. Uh yeah read my articles. #seriously

Joshua Jacob

Staff Writer

Fullerton Football class of 2019 Frequent tuber, wakeboarder and wake surfer. I love boats and sushi. And yes I have 3 first names.

Audry Jeong

Staff Writer

Class of 2019. Swimmer. Rick and Morty fanatic. Dog and poke lover. Chocolate connoisseur and huge movie junkie. Proud advocate of napping. Mediocre, but aspiring to be somewhat above that.

Emma Kelly

Staff Writer

Class of 2020, writing enthusiast, book worm, future in the medical field, ‘With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts’ - Eleanor Roosevelt

Megan Kim

Staff Writer

Class of 2019. Golf player. Sushi connoisseur. Lover of dogs and The Office. G2 pen enthusiast. "Identity theft is not a joke Jim."

Jamie Ma

Student Life/Lifestyle Editor

Sophomore Student Editor/writer. OC Cappie. Member of the speech team. Kayaking/shoe enthusiast. Passionate about many social issues and fruit!  

Kaya Ortega

Opinion Editor

Class of 2018. super LA Dodger fan. Varsity water polo. Academic all-American. “those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” -Alexander Hamilton.

Allison Park

A&E Editor

Class of ‘18. Coffee addict. Sushi and ice cream lover. STEAM & Key Club. Find joy in the small things. Love in action.

Tara Patton

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Class of 2018. AP Photo and Journalism. Keith Haring enthusiast. Lover of literature, painting and photography. Aspiring artist.

Myah Phillips

Copy Editor

Slightly obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Grammar Enthusiast. Chapstick Connoisseur. Glasses wearer. Owner of a large book collection. Lover of anything coated in chocolate. FUHS class of 2018.

Melanie Pinzon

News/Feature Editor

Class of 2018. History lover. Rock n’ roll aficionado. Lover of Pete Townshend and pasta. Milkshake god. I’m not as scary as I look.

Alexis Rogers

Staff Writer

Spontaneous. Starbucks addict. Animated. Fashion and makeup enthusiast. Lover of dogs and cooking. Obsessed with The Office and Parks and Rec.  

Anthony Rugama

Staff Writer/Photographer

Class of 2019. Photographer & DJ Music Is The Key To Unite People Together Only Latinos Can Pronounce My DJ Name Right #DJMUDOINTHEMIX

Drew Soderquist

Staff Writer

Fullerton Baseball. Scholar Athlete. Class of 2019. Chickfila and Chipotle. Beach and Gym. “You’re either getting better or worse”. #shakadude

Cordelia Tran

Staff Writer

Adventure minded. Black Belt. World Traveler. Blogger. Eyeliner aficionado. Positivity is a choice Keep up with me @cordeliatran

Madison Velez

Staff Writer, Photo Editor

Class of 2019. Photo Editor. Softball. Don't chase opportunity. Pursue purpose and opportunities will come.

Alexandra Williams

Staff Writer

Class of 2021. Runner. Writer. Reader. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney.

Michael Despars


Journalism Adviser. Theatre Educator. Director. Actor. 2016/17 Site, District and OC Semi-Finalist Teacher of the Year. Chicken raiser.  #fullertonacts, #WeAreTheArts