Clubs see increase in memberships


Students start the new school year checking out different club booths at club rush. (Photo by Addam Sapien)

The French Club had 100 students attend its first meeting this year.

The Warhammer Club has doubled their number of players.

The PERIOD Club delivered 60 boxes of period products to FUHS classrooms.

These are just a few examples of the growing participation in campus clubs this year. From gardening to helping shelter dogs, Fullerton High School offers an array of clubs for students to explore interests.

The robust club activities might be because students have a 35-minute lunch compared to last year’s 30-minute lunch. Plus, the lift on mask mandates means students can eat and interact with other students during club meetings, too.

Senior ASB commissioner of clubs Lillian Kelly plans to focus on helping each club grow. “This year I plan to increase the number of check-ins with clubs to better support them and answer their questions about fundraising, money allocation, and other club related activities,” Kelly said. “I also plan to feature a club every so often on the ASB social media pages.”

The Tribe Tribune staff also hopes to feature clubs as frequently as possible. To get started, here is a list of groups students can join.

Junior Amelia Burns signs up new members for the Book Club during Club Rush. (Photo by Addam Sapien)

Asian Culture Club meets the third Wednesday in Room 74 or the staff cafeteria. The club builds a community that expands club members’ knowledge of different Asian countries. For more information contact Bryce Tran, Emily Ma, or adviser Helen Craft.

Book Club meets once a month on Fridays in Room 34. Each month the club reads a book that members select then discusses the book at the meeting. For more information contact Amelie Heying, Amelia Burns, or adviser Leo Indelicato.

CHOC Club meets the third Monday of the month in the staff cafeteria. The club fundraises to support the Children’s Hospital of Orange County through toy drives, card-making, and other activities. For more information contact Ellie Williams, Ami Ishikawa, or adviser Nicole Smith.

Creative Writing meets each Friday in Room 208. The club brings together people who love writing to draft original pieces; some meetings are dedicated to improving writing while others are opportunities to share writing. Poems, novels, short stories, screenwriting, and other genres are supported. For more information contact Amanda White, Elise Ong, or adviser Cindy Ortiz.

National Honors Society for Dance (NHSDA) meets at lunch every other Monday in the dance studio. The club promotes the art of dance and members participate in volunteer work. For more information contact Amanda White, Gillian Chappell, or adviser Andrea Oberlander.

eSports meets from 7:30–8:30 AM every day in Room 57. The club is a team that competes in tournaments. A full suite of PCs are available for practice. For more information contact Chris Esquivel or adviser Adrian Banales.

First Gen Club meets once or twice a month on Wednesdays in Room 73. The club focuses on helping first generation students apply to college and offers tips on improving college applications. For more information contact Dulce Gonzalez-Munguia, Ashley Martinez, or adviser Abimael Mendoza.

French Club meets every other Wednesday in Room 69 or the staff cafeteria. The club focuses on learning French culture through food and cultural events. For more information contact Asher Brazo, Ibrahim Tabbah, or adviser Alexandra Walker.

Future Teachers Club meets every other Wednesday in Room 20. The club prepares students to become teachers, including assistance with class and major selections. For more information contact the adviser Danica Perez.

Gardening Club meets each Tuesday and Thursday in the greenhouse next to the farm. The club plants and grows vegetables and flowers. Members tend their plants until they can be moved to elsewhere on campus. The club emphasizes gardening techniques, proper tool use, and whole plant care. For more information contact Gavin Bishoff or adviser Shannon Alcott.

Seniors Emma Gaer and Ava Carlson work together on adding finishing touches to the GSA club poster. (Photo by Addam Sapien)

Give Blood Save Lives (GBSL) meets monthly or every other month in Room 154. The club helps host during the year two blood drives and fundraises for blood research and school and community improvement. For more information contact Elizabeth Timmerman or adviser Angelica Spurrier.

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meets at lunch each Monday in Room 44. The club provides information about the LGBTQIA+ community as a whole and organizes events to educate others about different sexualities and gender identities. For more information contact Emma Gaer or adviser Carina Assayed.

Jesus Club meets every other Thursday in Room 35. The club studies the Bible so that students can use its teachings to deal with school issues such as friendship and stress. For more information contact Ainsley Kudron or adviser Chris Hebert.

Key Club meets once a month (day TBA) in Room 72. The club is part of an international community service organization. For more information contact Emily Ma or adviser Susan Lozeau.

PERIOD. Club meets Wednesday once a month in Room 229. The club works with the PERIOD. organization that provides menstruation products to those in need. For more information contact Alyson Jeong or adviser Kimberley Harris.

Model United Nations (MUN) meets at lunch each Monday in Room 140. The club roleplays representatives of United Nations’ member states and debates world policy. For more information contact Audrey Bae or adviser Katy Wren.

National Honor Society/California Scholarship Federation (NHS/CSF) meets the second Tuesday and second Thursday of each month in the staff cafeteria. The club encourages scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Members complete community service hours and service projects. For more information contact Alyson Jeong, Rayanna Northgrave, or adviser Mike Muhovich.

People–Dog Alliance meets each Monday in Room 55. The club helps shelter dogs find homes and holds fundraisers to help support shelters. The club is accepting donations of old blankets, towels, and dog-adjacent items until Friday, Oct. 7. For more information contact Lillian Kelly, Abigail Kelly, or adviser Melissa Chavez.

Student Section meets on occasional Wednesdays in the gym lobby. The club raises school spirit at events like football, basketball, and volleyball games by helping ASB. For more information contact Christian Hubbard or adviser Erik Kamrath.

Members surround senior Bryce Tran as she adds weights into a boat to test how many it can hold. (Photo by Ami Ishikawa)

Student Missions meets each Wednesday in Room 142. The club emphasizes the idea of togetherness by helping members find faith and hope in Jesus. For more information contact Amber Elomina or adviser Robert Orr.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Scholars meets on two Tuesdays each month in Room 11. The club participates in activities and performs experiments. For more information contact Elizabeth Williams or adviser Ashley Hill.

STEMUp4Youth meets the third Wednesday each month in Room 10. The club brings STEM education to elementary to middle school children with experiments that are interactive, inspirational, and fun. For more information contact Micaela Wendler, Anusha Puri, or adviser Kristen Cruz.

Warhammer Club meets every other Thursday in Room 242. The club plays strategic and tactical wargames, builds and paints miniatures, studies game lore, and discusses game rules. For more information contact David Salinas or adviser Tarin Almstedt.