Dance concert highlights program’s variety

Senior Cole Thomson strikes a pose during the finale at the fall dance concert. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)

Junior Paloma Dowdle admits dance class the past few years has been challenging. With COVID and working through multiple injuries during shows, they just wanted a stress-free and upbeat dance for the first concert of the year.

Taking inspiration from the infamous club Studio 54, Dowdle opened the annual Fall Dance Concert with an energetic group dance–setting the mood for the rest of the concert. 

“Studio 54” contained 17 dancers, over half of the Advanced class in order to get that club-like atmosphere. Dowdle was grateful to dance teacher Andrea Oberlander for trusting them. “I was really honored that Mrs. O trusted me with 17 people. Even though I am choreographing another big group, but like 17 people on my own,” Dowdle said. “Honestly, I thought it was gonna be really hard to handle.”

Topics ranging from Roe v Wade to abusive relationships were featured alongside Dowdle’s. Below are some of the dance performances from Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

Junior Paloma Dowdle’s piece told the story of a girl who is shy and reserved. She walks into the club and the energetic atmosphere helps her break out of her shell. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Ella Huffaker choreographed a graceful jazz modern piece titled “Always a Bridesmaid…” to “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” By Natalie Cole. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Amanda White broke the norms by choreographing ballet to intense alternative music. Watching Marius Petipa’s choreography to “Main Event” by Hidden Citizens was enthralling. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Sophomore Kaila Gonzales choreographed a lyrical piece titled “Lovely” to “Lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Dance Production’s Ella Huffaker and Advanced Dance’s Madeline Suiter collaborated on a contemporary piece titled “Duet.” With “Invisible String” by Taylor Swift playing in the background, Huffaker and Suiter show friends reigniting a friendship. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Junior Grace Dykes creates the newest and hottest boy band “JLANG” in her captivating dance. Embracing their inner NSYNC, dancers rocked their bodies around the stage to “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
“An Absolutely Serious Dance”, choreographed by junior Molly Holbrook, is a comedic musical theater piece. Featuring 8 dancers from Advanced Dance, and a special guest appearance by junior Sydney Parker. Holbrook wanted to do a comedic piece to transport people where nothing is serious. “A lot of the time the world can be really rough and it’s really hard to get through a lot of things,” Holbrook said. “And one coping mechanism is to put on a cheesy fifties movie musical or something fun like that and just take a minute to live in the abstract and kind of escape for a bit.” (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Litzy Vasquez choreographed a dark piece to “N95” by Kendrick Lamar. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Georgia Newman choreographed and performed a solo titled “Sunday Morning” to “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Dance teacher Andrea Oberlander choreographed an emotional piece titled “It Stops Here” to “Stayaway” by MUNA. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Leeyah Gray choreographed “Among Us” to Benjamin Clementine. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Freshman Aleah Crew choreographed an empowering piece titled “Woman” to “MOVE” by Beyonce, featuring Grace Jones and Tems. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Sophomore Livy Gomez choreographed a moving piece about Roe v Wade to “Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Selah Hernandez choreographed a colorful piece to “Free” by Florence + the Machine. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)
Senior Devin Glass choreographed a creepy piece titled “My Dolly” to “Melancholia” by Ryan Creep. Glass says as a child, the spooky side has always been a part of him. “As a child, I’ve always loved watching things like Chucky and Annabelle,” Glass said. (Photo by Katherine Martinez)