Winter Wrap-Up

Boys soccer team finishes CIF

(Above) Senior Kenneth Flores led the boys varsity soccer team with 24 goals and 17 assists this season. After a 2-1 win against Godinez on Feb. 9, the boys soccer team moved on to round 2 of CIF and lost 4-2 on Feb. 15. Flores scored both goals against Godinez with an assist for each of the goals from junior Aiden Bengard. Against J Serra, Flores scored the first goal with an assist from Bengard and the second goal was scored by Talon Okert from a corner by Flores. The team ended its season 8-2 in league, including their final 3-1 win against Troy (3-6-1) on Feb. 1. The team beat every team in the Freeway League except Sunny Hills (10-0). (Photo by Reagan Glidewell)

Girls Soccer

The girls varsity soccer team (2-17) ended a tough season on Feb. 1, but won its Freeway League game against Buena Park on Jan. 12. Against the Coyotes, the score was 0-0 after regulation play. In overtime, junior Janelle Flores scored a goal explaining she felt “a rush of excitement.” Senior Yuset Torres (No. 10, pictured above) scored the second goal in overtime, which allowed for Fullerton’s 2-0 win. (Photo courtesy of Carlos Rivera)

Girls Wrestling

Sophomore Chloe Ortiz took first place in her weight class (106) in the Freeway League finals. (Above) Ortiz clinched her title with a 16-1 tech fall after taking down her Buena Park opponent with a power half. The team finished second in league. Ortiz and the girls wrestling team traveled to San Dimas High School on Feb. 10 for CIF Individuals. Sophomore Amanda Toledo finished fifth while senior Julia Bustamante finished eighth at the CIF Championships, both qualifying for CIF Masters. (Photo courtesy of Carlos Rivera)

Boys Wrestling

(Above) Senior Kai Ortiz takes down his Sunny Hills opponent, earning the league champ title for his weight class (145). The team finished third in the Freeway League. Junior Julian Rodela (120) and junior DJ Cobbs (180) also earned first place league titles for their weight classes. The boys varsity wrestling team traveled to Brea High School for the CIF Individual Championships. Junior DJ Cobbs finished seventh. Manu Hernandez and junior Emilio Castaneda both finished eight at the CIF Championships. (Photo courtesy of Carlos Rivera)

Girls Water Polo

(Above)Sophomore Sienna Oliver is a first year varsity player and starter. The girls water polo team lost its first round CIF game 9-8 on Feb. 7 against Costa Mesa. The Indians finished third with a 5-5 Freeway League record which was a slip from their second place finish last year. Senior Ainsley Kudron said the Indians lost five seniors from the previous year, and three starters were severely injured in the 2023 season. “I think that’s especially why we struggled against some of those schools,” Kudron said. “It’s hard missing three people.” (Photo courtesy of Carlos Rivera)

Boys Basketball

Senior Josiah Reed led the Tribe with an average of 13 points per game followed by senior Christian Hubbard with 12.5. (Photo by Reagan Glidewell)

With an astonishing 23 points, senior Joshua Welch led the Tribe to a 60-57 win against Sunny Hills on Jan. 20.

The boys basketball team (2-8) finished its season with a difficult 57-53 loss against Troy (6-4) on Feb. 2. The game went into overtime twice, as the Indians and the Warriors battled within two to three points during both overtimes.

Sunny Hills defeated Fullerton 44-42 in their first match up. However, Fullerton split the series with the Jan. 20 win. The Indians had a rough season start with a 5-game losing streak. Each game (besides the 76-54 Sonora loss) ended within 5 points. But, ultimately, Fullerton finished fifth in the league behind Sunny Hills (4-6) and ahead of Buena Park (1-9). 

Girls Basketball

Junior point-guard Yesenia Alonzo has been playing basketball since her sophomore year.

Despite a tough Freeway League season (0-10), the girls basketball team improved its overall record through non-league matchups this year. The Tribe finished the season 11-17 overall, ending with six wins than their 2022 season.

“Throughout each game we can all see improvement. The [first] game against La Habra, we did semi-okay. We had a big gap,” junior Yesenia Alonzo said. “But for the [second] game, we were relatively close. We got within, like, five points with La Habra.”

With each loss, the Indians were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, improving their play with each game.

“We’re really good on defense, but it’s our offense that kind of throws us off. Going from a transition from our defense to our offense, that kind of leaves us a little bit in scrambles,” Alonzo said. “But, I do think for most of the teams, our defense is pretty solid.”

Alonzo said that despite losing several seniors this season, the team still has a positive outlook. “The JV team is actually doing pretty good. I think there’s a couple of girls that might move up and that are doing pretty good and standing out for next year,” Alonzo said.