201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


November Briefly

Campus showcases programs for 8th grade visitors 

ASB vice president Rowan Yeo asks an eighth grader why she’s wearing a Troy sweatshirt at a Fullerton High School visitation day. Ladera Vista Junior High School of the Arts and Beechwood School students visited the FUHS campus Nov. 30 to preview campus programs including Cheer, Dance Production, Speech and Debate, Theatre, Jazz Band and many more. (Photo by Jonathan Pina-Villanueva)

JROTC students gain insight during Battleship Iowa field trip

By Audrina Quinonez and Tina Kim

To gain a deeper understanding of America’s military history, JROTC students were accompanied by Lt. Col. Mike Albertson and Sgt. 1st Class Maselino Pese, who recently embarked on an overnight field trip to the Battleship Iowa at San Pedro Harbor. The trip provided them with a valuable opportunity to explore the ship’s history and engage with tour guide Don Generew.

During the field trip, the students were able to visit the command control center of Battleship Iowa, where Albertson highlighted the absence of computers in that era, emphasizing the analog nature of operations. 

JROTC students showed their colors at the assembly for 8th grade visitors on Nov. 30. (Photo by Jonathan Pina-Villanueva)

In addition to the informative briefings, the students enjoyed a comprehensive tour of the ship, delving into its involvement in World War II as well as its contributions during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

“We were told the battleship was haunted by the spirits of the gunmen fighting during World War II,” said senior Damien Harari-Stevenson. “We stayed on the battleship overnight and got to sleep in the quarters where the soldiers stayed.” 

One late night tour explored the design of the battleship and students were shown the cannons and artillery. 

“Our tour guides were former soldiers who had been aboard the USS Iowa so we got an insider’s perspective into battle,” Harari-Stevenson said.

Earlier this year, the JROTC students showcased their skills in a Raider Marksmanship competition, securing an impressive second place overall. The competition, known as a biathlon, involved shooting, running, and transitioning between different shooting positions, all while being timed and evaluated for accuracy. 

The program also celebrated a major milestone by moving into the 150’s building, expanding from a single classroom. Albertson expressed his enthusiasm, noting the potential growth and development that the new space offers. 

35 JROTC cadets and chaperones spent the night on the battleship Iowa last Friday night. The battleship is anchored in LA Harbor at San Pedro. The Cadets attended classes, visited the museum, and were given tours of the ship. (Photo courtesy of Mike Albertson)

FUHS staff member celebrates daughter’s big win

Sergeant Maselino Pese accompanied his daughter Noelani to Orlando, Florida where she took top honors in the National American Miss Pageant on Nov. 25. The week-long event included nine rounds of interviews, public speaking, runway modeling, fun sports wear, and formal wear. Noelani, 15, attends the Orange County School of the Arts in the Musical Theater Conservatory. In July, she won the Miss California Jr. Teen title, which qualified her to compete at nationals. (Photos courtesy of Maselino Pese)

Stories From Orangethorpe

By Sophia Goldblatt

Students in advanced theater classes will travel to Orangethorpe Elementary on Dec. 4 for the annual “Stories From Orangethorpe” performances. FUHS students were tasked with creating scenes based on stories written by Orangethorpe students in first through fifth grades.

Ian Cruz, Fae Munoz, Elijah Purcell and Mya Reyes have adapted second grader Paul’s story, an action-packed video game with original characters and levels.

Munoz said her group struggled at first to adapt their story. “Paul’s story was a little bit all over the place,” she said, “but honestly, we took most of the words on the page and got them in the script.”

FUHS students will perform the stories in the Little Theater on Dec. 5 at 4 p.m. with an encore performance at  6 p.m. An additional performance will be Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $7 and all proceeds support both the FUHS Theatre Program and the Multiage Program at Orangethorpe Elementary. Tickets are available at the door and at fuhs.booktix.com.

Second grader Trafim from Orangethorpe wrote the story “The Cure for the Super Burp.” FUHS theater students will adapt and perform Trafim’s story, along with nine other elementary school stories, on Dec. 5 and Dec. 6 in the Little Theater.

Season of Giving

As we approach the holiday season, several clubs on campus are hosting drives to help those in need.

ASB hopes to collect at least 300 bags of clothing for their clothing drive. Students can bring a white trash bag full of unwanted clothing to Room 67 by Dec. 8.

Period Club and the Helping Hands Club are accepting period products in Room 229 and Room 230. Products will be donated to foster care youth. NHS students can earn service hour points by donating products.

Key Club is hosting a book drive for the Boys and Girls Club until Dec. 6. Students can donate books appropriate for ages 1-17 to Room 143. Key Club members can earn 30 minutes of service hours for three books, and students may earn a maximum of three hours.

Join Colorguard

The FUHS Winter Colorguard is looking for new members to join them for the upcoming spring competitive season. They will teach new members everything they need to learn from spinning a tall flag or learning the basics on rifle. The remaining clinic dates are Dec. 4, Dec. 6. Dec. 11, and Dec. 13 from 4-5 p.m. The students must show up to Room 80 and sign up for Mr. Trimble’s 0 period class next semester.

Spirit Week

ASB hosted a Spirit Week Nov. 13-17 with themes ranging from pajama day to dress as your class level (freshmen dressed as babies; seniors dressed as senior citizens). On Nov. 16, there was a turkey bowl in which both students and teachers participated. (Top) Teachers Todd Bragalone, Alex Walker, Warren Hahn and Blanca Villalobos were the winners. (Photo by Elysee Hua)(Bottom) Bragalone bowls for the win. (Photo by Spike Lopez)

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