Castro dead at age 90

Castro dead at age 90

Jamie Ma, Staff Writer

In 1959, Fidel Castro became the military dictator of Cuba, transforming the island into the first communist country in Latin America. On Nov. 26, many Cuban citizens rejoiced in his announced death at age 90.

Cuba just concluded a nine day mourning period under Castro’s brother Raul, Cuba’s current president. Raul Castro has vowed to step down from leadership in 2018, which may lead to political uncertainty within the country.

“Raul Castro has been in charge for a couple years now, so Fidel’s been more of the face of the revolution [of communism],” FUHS photo teacher Maggie Crail said.

Citizens of both Cuba and the U.S. alike have expressed concern about the upcoming transition of power.

“One of the important things about leadership is that it comes to an end and you have someone else with new ideas and a vision,” Crail said. “Hopefully it’ll be a good thing, that they’ll bring about a more open society.”

“It’s a very closed country, a communist regime. Concepts of certain personal freedoms that we have here, they don’t get to live with,” Crail said about Cuba’s paradigm.

With the passing of their communist leader, the American influence and relationship with Cuba may considered in United States foreign policy.