ComedySportz audience determines winner


Jamie Ma, Staff Writer

ComedySportz hosted and won yet another match against El Dorado High School Friday, Mar. 16.

The match consisted of two halves, the first half played by senior and Team Captain Claire McDonald, senior Samantha Scales, and freshmen Emily McCardell and Calvin Tate. The team ended the half with a score of 15-9.

The second half was played by junior Noah Martinez, sophomore Carley Guzman, and freshmen Brian Lines and Tahlia Flores, ending the match with a win of 29-17.

This may be the team’s second match at home, but their audience never fails to be amused. “My whole family came last week, about ten of us, and we really had a great time,” Rachel Flores (mother of Tahlia Flores) said. “They’re having so much fun, which makes me enjoy watching.”

Freshman Georgia Rau was in for a surprise when she attended for the first time.

“In [Theatre] class, when we do Improv, people hesitate. But here, you can tell they’re trained,” Rau said. “They were creative, and they incorporated the audience so it wasn’t just the people on the team.”

Audience participation is a huge part of the show, and the referee uses various people to provide topics for games.

Eva Sliger, 7, sat in the audience with her family, when Bryan Greene, the referee, called on her. “I felt like I was in front of the audience!”

Another important part the audience is necessary to is determining the winner. The team with the loudest response receives points.

“My favorite part was when everyone cheered. Everyone was clapping. It looks so fun!” Sliger said.

Julie Lawrence came to support El Dorado, but has similar views on the program. “The whole idea of improv for high schoolers is harder than it sounds. Critical, quick thinking is hard, I don’t think even adults would be able to do it.