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IB visual arts exhibition shows student excellence

Photography by Maya Leon

Photography by Maya Leon

Photography by Maya Leon

Allison Park, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Photography and Mixed Media by Levana Guardado

Months of painting, drawing, sculpting and creating went into the IB Visual Arts showcase on Apr. 5. Each student testing for IB Art credit displayed 4-7 pieces of artwork, with media ranging between photography, watercolor paintings, mosaic murals, and even embroidered jackets.

Junior, Jaz Hernandez took a unique approach to the IB show in her acrylic mural Beastly Beauty. Acting on pure spontaneity, Hernandez painted a Disney-inspired mosaic over  hawaii-themed art that was fading on her sister’s bedroom wall. She lives by Henry David Thoreau’s famous words, “this world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Because Hernandez could not physically bring her art to the exhibition, she projected her painting onto a corner of the exhibit’s walls. Determined to get the perfect aesthetic, Hernandez spent over 2 hours setting up the projector, with side assistance from other IB Visual juniors, Kaylee Nelson and Levana Guardado.

Then she painted a segment of the brown wall white so that her projection would stand out against a bright backdrop. It is this level of determination to present artwork in the best condition possible that made the art exhibit so impressive.

“I was debating what to paint when I remembered the stained glass art painting that they have in Disneyland but was really expensive,” said Hernandez. “I thought ‘I can do that’ so I did it and it took forever.”

Along with designing and painting the Disney-inspired mural for 3-4 long months, Hernandez says that it was difficult to paint using old, cheap acrylics that were not meant to be used on house walls. However, the hard work and experimental struggles were worth the beautiful end product.

Gabby Kudron, IB Visual arts teacher, praises her students for all working on unique projects and coming together under the overarching goal of IB.

Artwork by AJ Castro

“The integrity of the students impressed me. I am reflecting on how to make it a better show next year and having better advertising so that more students know about the show,” said Kudron. “ It’s impressive to see the depth and breadth of students in the class.”

First year IB Art junior, Noelle Sumner feels satisfied seeing how everyone’s hard work paid off over the past year. All of her works focus on women’s empowerment and culture. Sumner’s work looks outside of FUHS itself and expands on significant current events she feels that people must be aware of.

“My favorite art piece was the watercolor I did titled ‘Ladies Stand Together’ because I was able to bring different cultures together to create a piece that appreciates women of all backgrounds,” said Sumner, reflecting on her own work.

IB Art students like senior, AJ Castro enjoyed the cookies, coffee, and tea with his family and friends. He was ecstatic when one of his friends posted a photo captioned “come see AJ’s work, or else…” on her Snapchat. It’s the little things that make an artist’s day, making them feel appreciated for their hard work.

“Seeing my friends look at my artwork was fun,” said Castro. “I really liked my piece Lavender from Provence because the colors were really nice and everything just came together.”

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