Goyal says goodbye to FUHS


Photo from the FUHS website.

After four, fun-filled years of serving as principal of FUHS, Rani Goyal parted ways with our campus on Friday. Her new position is in Santa Rosa, where she will work as Director of Curriculum for grades seventh through twelfth.

Her job allows her to interact with other principals and teachers in an effort to aid them in their curriculum and make an even greater impact on students–which is something she loves most about being a principal.

She plans to bring the things she has learned at FUHS to her new position.

“The experiences down here are definitely going to help me up there. I want to serve and that’s something that’s going to be very important because I will be in the district office so that philosophy of serving others will be very important in my new role,” Goyal said.

Fullerton’s sense of community and friendliness is a memorable aspect for Goyal. And she will miss how both the students and the staff have embraced this idea of community leadership. After she leaves, she hopes that the sense of unity and support continues to grow.

“I always say that when I first walked on this campus, people were so friendly,” said Goyal.

The sense of community has been here when she first arrived; however, she noticed that it has grown since her beginning. “I hope the staff and students continue to lead the idea that Fullerton is the place to be and that we have as much or even more than what other schools have to offer,” Goyal said.

Her favorite memories range from hanging out with staff and students in the VIP section at football games, riding the go-kart and to being with students and their capacity to open themselves up to others.

“You know I will be just walking on campus and someone will be like ‘Hey, where are going? Let me walk with you,’” Goyal said.

Her advice to the future principal of FUHS is to not get in the way of students and staff and allow them to progress and institute change. “You know letting those teachers create something and not get in their way and letting them take that program and evolve into what it has already become in just two years,” Goyal said.

Goyal will miss the students and the staff  here at FUHS, and she will miss how friendly everybody is. And most of all, she will miss what we have done together over the last four years to build spirit and help make FUHS the amazing school that it is.