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New year, new campus security

New campus security Frank Ramirez. Photo by Megan Kim.

New campus security Frank Ramirez. Photo by Megan Kim.

New campus security Frank Ramirez. Photo by Megan Kim.

Megan Kim, Staff Writer

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This school year FUHS has welcomed many new faces to its growing staff. New campus security Frank Ramirez is just one of the many this school has grown to love. A Marine Corps Veteran, Ramirez also served in “Operation Desert Storm” prior to becoming campus security.

Ramirez transferred to FUHS from Sonora High School in hopes of facing a new challenge: an open campus.

“Fullerton has 400 more students than Sonora, and Fullerton is also an open campus, where there’s numerous entrances and exits,” Ramirez said. “I felt that Fullerton would be more of a challenge to work at, and it would keep me busier, too, and the days might go faster.”

Ramirez’s first impression of FUHS was a good one, as he received a warm welcome from various students and staff.

“Everyone’s been so niceall staff, admin, studentsI could feel the energy here at FUHS, and it just looks like a great place to be. I’m happy to be here,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez has had an amazing time exploring FUHS in the time he’s been here, and is awestruck by the history of the school.

“[One thing I like about FUHS] is just the history of the school itself; I can feel the energy coming on this campus, and I just feel privileged to work here because this is one of the oldest campuses in Orange County,”  Ramirez said.

Paired with every challenge is a goal. Ramirez’s goal is to be with students through their entire high school experience.

“My goal is always to see the students graduate,” Ramirez said. “[I] try not to cry or get emotional when I see these students come so far from freshmen all to way to seniors; [I am just] happy and ecstatic for them and their families.”

Ramirez is eager to talk with students and wants everyone to know his door is always open.

“Come talk to me! I’m friendly and I’m open to listening,” Ramirez said. “If there’s ever anything you want to talk about, whether it’s about school, home, goals, issues; come talk to me, so [I] can see if [I] can help you! I’m always open to helping students.”

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Megan Kim, Copy/Opinion Editor

Class of 2019. Varsity golf captain. NHS Secretary. G2 pen enthusiast. Passionate about spreading love and kindess to the world. “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”

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