FUHS hosts second annual Powder Puff game


Photo courtesy of Victoria Williams.

Amanda Foglesong, Sports Editor

Junior and senior girls will be participating in FUHS’s Second Annual Powder Puff game tomorrow, April 13, in the stadium at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold for five dollars from either a Powder Puff player or at the door. In addition, ASB will be partnering with Pathways of Hope, and will be accepting five canned foods in exchange for a ticket.

This year the junior and senior football players are coaching the girls. The players and coaches have been meeting every Thursday since March 8th in the stadium to practice.

During the first practice, the coaches tested each girl’s abilities to see what their strengths were.

“We just did some drills to see what everyone was good at and what positions they might be good at,” said junior Emily Monson.

Monson believes that both teams have a diverse group of athletes that will benefit each team during the game.

“We all take our strengths from our previous sports and use them on the football field,” Monson said.

As a coach, senior Dominic Freshour has really enjoyed being on the sidelines of the field, teaching others a sport he is passionate about.

“Yeah it’s a dope experience and it gives us guys a different perspective and to see what the coaches actually have to deal with,” said Freshour. “Practice is going really well; we try to have as much fun as we can and still teach the girls how to get the fundamentals down.”

Senior Deborah Bonales appreciates the boys’ commitment to coaching the teams.

“The boys are trying their very best with trying to teach us the plays and they do a good job at simplifying it so we understand,” Bonales said.

Juniors and seniors alike are excited to compete against each other.

“I’ve always been a fan of football and a semi-aggressive person, so the idea of playing flag football really excites me,” Bonales said.

Senior Claire Wright is drawn in by the fun of the event rather than the competitive spirit.

“The most exciting part of the event is definitely gonna be scoring touchdowns or pulling flags,” Wright said.

Though both teams consist of some of the school’s best athletes, fear against the juniors will not stand in the way of Wright.
“I’m not intimidated by the juniors, but they should be intimidated by us.”

Come support the girls tomorrow night and make sure to bring cans to donate!