Ebell Club Grants FUHS Academy of the Arts $29,000


Photo Cred: Frankie Ortega

Frankie Ortega, Staff Writer

The Ebell Club of Fullerton has granted FUHS 29,000 dollars for the school to update the music lab and choral room.

The music lab, which is a new addition to the FUHS arts building, has been given 31 brand new Roland keyboards and student stations. All the keyboards are fully functioning with pedals and all. Choral teacher, Scott Hedgecock, is excited about the new updates.

“We will be functioning as a real music lab, which is exciting,” said Hedgecock.

The music lab along with new keyboards is also receiving new communication sets and whiteboards. Hedgecock feels these updates will help the FUHS arts programs flourish.

“If we can really grow the program, the music lab will have all the tools that we need.” Hedgecock said.

The Choral Room is also getting new choral risers that the choir students perform and rehearse on.

Senior choir student, Dylan Saryan has been in choir for all four years, and is excited to finally see the choir program get an update.

“It’s a really large upgrade and it’s really exciting.” Senior choir student Dylan Saryan said.

This is a large and exciting update for the Fullerton choral room and music lab, and everyone is ecstatic for the upcoming future with the new tools.