Speech presents annual fall showcase


Photo Cred: Jamie Ma

Jamie Ma, Editor in Chief

On Tues. Nov. 13, the speech and debate team will present their annual fall showcase in the Little Theatre. Novice members of the team will perform at 6pm, followed by a thirty minute intermission with a tostada bar dinner for guests.

The varsity showcase following the intermission will feature winning performances by sophomore Gabby Platon, junior Jamie Ma, seniors Zach Juarez, Joshua Miller, Destiny Cobb, Stone Sheridan, and duo Tommy Kim and Sam Pace.

Over the weekend, the team once again established themselves as the highest ranking team in Orange County at the Orange County Speech League tournament at Northwood High School.

Ma and Platon, who will be performing in the showcase, tied for first place in Expository Speaking.

Photo Cred: Jamie Ma

Cobb earned second place in Program Oral Interpretation while junior David Kwon won first place.

In Duo Interpretation, senior duo Evelyn Arceo and Lizzy Renteria earned third. Pace and Kim earned second place. Winning first was duo Juarez and senior Isabella Alcaraz.

In Original Oratory, Renteria earned third while Ma earned second.

In Humorous Interpretation, freshman Moises Arceo earned third, senior Jack Bretz earned second, while Sheridan won first place.

In Policy Debate, seniors Ryan Koh and Daniel Gray won first place.

In Dramatic Interpretation, senior Esmeralda Yzguerra and junior Kristin Dickson also tied for first place.

Junior Joyce Chang won first place in Original Advocacy, while junior Issak Flores won first place in National Extemporaneous Speaking.

Congrats to our speech and debate team for their success at their tournament this weekend, and make sure to support them by purchasing a $10 showcase ticket from a member of the team or at the door!