Annual Winter Instrumental Music Concert


Photo Cred: Karen Martinez

Tonight, Fri. Dec. 7, the FUHS Academy of the Arts will present the Winter Instrumental Music Concert at Plummer Auditorium from 7 to 9 p.m.

This annual concert will feature Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Winter Guard, and Small Ensembles. Presale tickets are on sale online with VIP tickets set at $12, general tickets set at $7, and student tickets set at $5.

Senior Sebastian Armas will be performing a solo to Sonata Op. 167 by Camille Saint Saëns that he’s been preparing for a long time.

“I’m really looking forward to performing because I’ve been preparing for a long time and I’m hoping to receive positive feedback. One of the requirements for Academy of the Arts is to perform a solo and I really enjoy performing this one,” Armas said.

Armas is looking forward to seeing the audience’s reactions to the concert and the individual talent of every performer.

“It’s going to be filled of talented individuals who have worked endlessly to prepare for the concert and to show friends and family members their passion for music,” Armas said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone does.

Junior Julia Portales, the guard captain, will perform in Winter Guard’s performance and is excited to show the audience the hard work the team has been putting in the performance.

“Normally, our coach choreographs for us, but this time each member worked on 24 counts each which our coach helped connect together,” Portales said. “It’s going to be a really fun concert with visiting students from Beechwood that will play with concert band and I’m part of a trio that’s doing a Nightmare Before Christmas medley.”

Portales hopes students who attend the concert will appreciate and enjoy the work and effort put into the concert.

“We’ve all had a lot of fun and worked really hard to get our music and our work to where it is. I think students will enjoy how far it’s come,” Portales said.

This concert is the result of months of hard work and dedication put into it to give students the opportunity to support fellow classmates in band.

Senior Katie Trimble believes people should come out to the concert to witness the product of team effort and to truly get to experience something new.

“I think students should come out and support the Arts at Fullerton. Come and support your classmates! It’s a chance to try something new since most students don’t get to see an instrumental concert,” Trimble said.