Introducing Computer Science


Photo Cred: Jayme Kim

Computer Science, a class FUHS began offering just this year, teaches the importance of computers and how they fit into our world, through learning skills like coding.

Mr. Oliva, the teacher, saw the benefits of having a class that offered a deeper understanding of computers and seized the opportunity to teach the class.

“We need to understand other ways computers can help us,” Oliva said. “That’s what we’re trying to create; problem solvers who use computers.”

Junior Hannah Lee enjoys the class because it is a new experience compared to her regular core classes.

“Mr. Oliva is very nice and he allows us to turn in assignments anytime we want because computer science is about matching your pace,” Lee said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s high quality; it’s more about the work and effort that you put into the assignment, so you won’t be too stressed and you can have fun at the same time.”

Next year, an AP Computer Science class, (AP Computer Science Principles) will be offered to students in order for students to earn college credit, but may be different than a typical AP course.

“[The class] is not like your average class where you take notes and tests,” Lee said. “It’s a class where you have a little more freedom to create.”

A district meeting held on Dec. 11, honored some of the students who take the class for Computer Science Week. This event first started with a teacher at Sunny Hills High School who believed that students taking these classes should receive some encouragement. Three students from each school in the district  and the students that represented FUHS included freshman Drake Harris, junior Hannah Lee, and sophomore Chris Tran.

“I’ve never been to a district event before and I thought it was cool that people took it very seriously,” Lee said. “There were a lot of people there to congratulate all the positions.”

Mr. Oliva stresses the necessity of computer science in future careers.

“No matter what you’re going to study, you’re going to be working with a computer software program that helps you do that job,” Oliva said. “Whether it’s an architect, a biologist,any profession now uses computers; that’s why computer science is so important.”

Lee wants to raise awareness for the program and hopes that a lot of students will consider joining Computer Science next year.

“When I first heard of the class, I wanted to join because I want to major in something related to Computer Science,” Lee said. “As I keep experiencing the class more, I think that my interest in the subject has grown.”