How Apple has evolved


Apple’s evolution over the years.


By: Matthew Ballin


In this day and age, everyone owns a technological device. Nowadays, kids are receiving devices earlier than ever, whether it be a smartphone, TV, or tablet, these devices can do pretty much everything from communication to tracking heartbeat. You can look anywhere, and someone usually has their eyes glued to their screen. Even students have problems during school with their electronics, they constantly get in trouble for using their phones during an educational period.

As technology evolves many companies compete to be the top seller for these electronics.

Apple, one of the most popular companies, released many devices including iPads, MacBooks, smartwatches, and most famously, the iPhone, which has been extremely successful in setting an expectation of quality for technological devices.

Apple released its first iPhone on June 29, 2007. The first iPhone, the 3G, had a  display size of 3.5 inches. Apple released the iPhone 3 and 4 in 20
c 08 and 2009 as huge upgrades from Apple’s first release.

Following these two phones, the iPhone 5 and 6 were introduced in 2012- 2016, following the upgrade of the IOS.

Apple released the iPhone 7 on September 16, 2016, and then the iPhone 8 in September of 2017. The most recent iPhone, released on September 12, 2018, (iPhone XR) has a display size of 5.8 inches.

Apple has been the most popular company throughout these years in technological development and will continue to enhance their devices with updates and new features.

Apple also released AirPods (wireless earbuds), which are currently gaining mass popularity. Companies like Samsung and Google have created accessories similar to AirPods, to try competing with the large company. Unfortunately, they fall short of Apple’s quality.

As an Apple user myself, witnessing the fast-paced improvement of technology affecting me and the society in which I live has not only been exciting, but intriguing.

Although technology has helped us in many ways, how has it hurt us?